Omaha Steaks has released their own holiday song to help Feeding America

First-ever beef-themed parody song coming this holiday season from Omaha Steaks
First-ever beef-themed parody song coming this holiday season from Omaha Steaks /

Omaha Steaks has gotten into the holiday spirit with the help of a classic holiday song. And that means raising money for Feeding America.

In a move that we did not see coming, Omaha Steaks dropped a parody of “Deck the Halls” that takes their love of meat to a whole new level. Introducing the very special holiday song, “Deck the Steaks.”

With “Deck the Steaks,” we get a fun and festive jingle that is both holiday appropriate, but also reminds us of how to best enjoy our steaks this holiday season. But really, it is as much about the song itself as it is the fact that for every Spotify play from now until December 31, Omaha Steaks will be donating to Feeding America what would be the “monetary equivalent of five meals.”

Omaha Steaks released a parody song to raise money for Feeding America

Wondering what you can expect from this song? According to the press email and release we received,

"Based on a beloved holiday carol reworked to feature lyrics sharing how to prepare a steak and create memorable eating occasions this season— the parody even features real sounds of Omaha Steaks products cooking."

And once you listen to “Deck the Steaks” once, you will definitely want to listen to it again and again. Or at the very least, you are going to be hungry for a perfectly cooked steak.

When you think of Omaha Steaks, you might not think catchy Christmas jingle, but this year, it is about more than just the steaks. It is also about helping to feed America.

We are here for this “Deck the Halls” parody. And if we happen to want steak after listening to this jingle, who can blame us.

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