More festive sips and recipes for your holiday get together!

Spicy Leprechaun Drink from the Margaritaville Resort Orlando. Image courtesy of Margaritaville Resort Orlando
Spicy Leprechaun Drink from the Margaritaville Resort Orlando. Image courtesy of Margaritaville Resort Orlando /

We love a good festive drink at Guilty Eats, and we love sharing recipes with our readers even more! Are you hosting a get-together this year, or are you attending a party and you need a cocktail that will turn heads and pair with great party foods? Don’t worry, we have exactly what you’re looking for.

Each recipe can be modified to fit any size party — even if you’re partying at home over zoom. These recipes are great for brunch parties, as well as late-night festivities as well!

SKYY Vodka loves the holidays. This smooth vodka is a great solo shooter, but SKYY is also ideal for mixed drinks as well. These two concoctions will leave your guests wanting more. These two are perfect for a holiday brunch!

From easy-to-make drink recipes to pre-made cans for those of us short on time, we have what you need to make your holiday party sing!

"Holiday Mimosa1.5 parts SKYY Infusions® Pineapple0.75 part grapefruit juice0.75 simple syrupTop with Cinzano® ProseccoGlass: FluteGarnish: Grapefruit twist or wheelAdd all ingredients to shaker tin except sparkling wine. Shake and strain into glass and top with sparkling wine. Garnish."

Mimosa’s aren’t your thing? Then this refreshing Winter Sparkling Sangria is an absolute delight for the taste buds!

"Winter Sparkling Sangria2 parts SKYY Infusions® Blood Orange0.75 part simple syrup0.75 part lime juice1 part cranberry juice cocktailTop with sparkling wine (champagne orCinzano® Prosecco)Glass: Wine glass (recipe can be batched for a group and prepared punch bowl-style)Garnish: Cranberries and blood orange crescentCombine all ingredients over ice, adding sparkling wine last. Garnish with blood orange crescent and handful of cranberries."

If you want something that’s an absolute winner, look no further than adding SIA Scotch Whiskey to your mix. This multiple award-winning Scotch Whiskey is ideal for sipping by the fire, but it is also an ideal ingredient for a festive cocktail.

"Celebration CocktailIngredients·       .5 oz Lemon Juice·       .5 oz Simple Syrup·       1 oz SIA Scotch·       Splash of Prosecco·       Lemon TwistDirections1.     Combine SIA Scotch, lemon juice, and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker.2.     Add ice and shake vigorously.3.     Strain into a cocktail glass and top with Prosecco.4.     Garnish with a lemon twist."

Short on time and need something pre-made? Party Can is exactly what you need! These generous 1.75-liter cans come in a variety of ready-to-drink cocktails, which are perfect for the on-the-go party goer! I personally love the Cosmicpolitan. With vodka, combier liqueur d’orange, passion fruit, and lime juices, this purple drink looks like outer space in a martini glass!

I recently took their Cosmiscpolitan and Gold Rush to a holiday gathering, and they were a hit. The cans are eye-catching, and the drinks taste great. Each can serve up to 12 people, and at a retail price of $29.99, you are absolutely getting your money’s worth from this!

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Are you ready for your next party? Have a drink you absolutely want to tell us about? Let us know in the comments below! Cheers!