M&M’s helps sweeten up the holidays with new fun cups

M&M’S Ice Cream Holiday Fun Cups. Image courtesy M&M's
M&M’S Ice Cream Holiday Fun Cups. Image courtesy M&M's /

What’s a better combination than M&M’s and ice cream? The crispy chocolate is a great contrast to the creamy cold ice cream. And that’s probably what makes the new M&M’s Ice Cream Holiday Fun Cups so good. Chocolate candy and ice cream are a match made in heaven.

The new M&M’s cups are filled with vanilla-flavored ice cream with a chocolate swirl and  red and green M&Ms mixed into it.

And if you’re thinking “Oh it’s winter. You can’t have ice cream in winter!” you would be wrong! There is no reason to only have ice cream in the summer. It’s perfect for all year round and these cups make it easy to enjoy it during the holidays.

The cups come in packs of 10 and each cup is covered with green paper that’s sprinkled with snowflakes and red and green M&M’s. The lid of each of the fun cups features an M&M character (either the red one or the green one) in winter gear. It’s incredibly cute!

M&M’s Holiday Fun Cups are in grocery stores nationwide

M&M’S Ice Cream Holiday Fun Cups. Image courtesy M&M’s
M&M’S Ice Cream Holiday Fun Cups. Image courtesy M&M’s /

The cups first appeared in stores in October at the start of what many people think of as the holiday season. But while most people don’t buy Christmas treats in October, that is no longer an issue now that we are fully immersed in the holiday and Christmas season.

So whether you’re looking for a sweet treat for the kids, want an extra dessert for your Christmas party, or just want something sweet for yourself, these are the perfect solution. Even if you have a picky eater in your house, not many people are going to say no to chocolate and ice cream.

But make sure to get these while you can. While they arrived early in October, they’ll likely disappear from your grocery store’s frozen section once the holidays are over.

That being said, don’t worry too much. The regular vanilla and chocolate fun cups will still be available all year round.

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