Is Panda Express open on Christmas Day 2021?

Panda Express’ $20 Meal Deal returns. Image Courtesy Panada Express
Panda Express’ $20 Meal Deal returns. Image Courtesy Panada Express /

Are you ever in the mood for Orange Chicken, Beef and Broccoli, or even a quick fried rice? That’s when we turn to Panda Express to satisfy our hunger.

Not only is it fast and easy to get our Chinese food fix, but they offer a tasty variety of entrees to satisfy our cravings. While we definitely have our go-to favorites, such as the Honey Walnut Shrimp and the Honey Sesame Chicken Breast, we have never been disappointed when we hit up a Panda Express for a meal.

And sometimes, those cravings for quick and easy Chinese food happen on a holiday. That leaves us with the question of will we be able to get our Panda Express fix on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Will Panda Express be open on Christmas Day?

According to a press email we received on behalf of Panda Express we are about 50 percent in luck. On Christmas Eve, Panda Express will be operating under their normal business hours. So if we want to get ourselves an order of Black Pepper Angus Steak we absolutely can.

So what about Christmas Day? Well, this is where that other 50 percent comes into play. That is because the restaurant chain will be closed for Christmas or only operating under very limited hours. They definitely recommend checking locations near you before heading over.

Basically, we can get our Chinese food fix on Christmas Eve, but not necessarily on Christmas Day. And of course, we can always head over on December 26 for an after Christmas meal.

If you want to plan ahead, you could always snag a thing of Orange Chicken on December 24 to enjoy the next day. (I know I’m thinking about doing that myself since I have no plans to cook for Christmas!)

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