Nathan’s Famous makes the perfect appetizer this New Year’s Eve

Nathan’s Famous Bagel Dogs and Pretzel Dogs.
Nathan’s Famous Bagel Dogs and Pretzel Dogs. /

We love Nathan’s Famous hot dogs. They are a staple of our summer and especially of our Fourth of July! But have you thought about adding them to your New Year’s Eve celebrations? With these two easy to make treats, you may just make tasty magic happen!

In the refrigerated section of the grocery store, we can find boxes of two Nathan’s Famous products that are perfect for any type of celebration, in particular for a New Year’s Eve bash!

And over on their website, they recommend creating a “Holiday Hot Dog Wreath.” This wreath is as easy as snagging boxes of their Nathan’s Famous Coney Island Bagel Dogs and Nathan’s Famous Coney Island Pretzel Dogs, cutting them in half and baking them into the shape of a wreath. Check out the Holiday Hot Dog Wreath page for exact instructions on how to create this holiday magic.

But even if you don’t want to make a wreath out of these bagel and pretzel dogs, there are still plenty of other ways to enjoy these as an appetizer for your new year celebrations.

Nathan’s Famous Bagel Dogs and Pretzel Dogs are a perfect appetizer at any time

Seriously, even a platter of these dogs with a variety of dipping sauces will transform any gathering or celebration. And with how easy these are to heat up and serve, you don’t even have to worry about rushing to get ready!

As someone who loves a good pretzel dog as a quick bite on the go, what Nathan’s Famous gives us is so delicious that we would eat these for lunch, a late night snack, and so many other times. But these are also perfect for kicking off a whole new year. And that is exactly what we are going to do!

We have our honey mustard, our dijon mustard, and basically any mustard we need to get our dipping on. And we are here for it with the help of Nathan’s Famous.

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Have you tried these Pretzel Dogs or these Bagel Dogs? Will you be snagging these for your new year’s celebrations? Are you a fan of Nathan’s Famous too?