Remembering Betty White and her Snickers Super Bowl ad

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Betty White addresses the crowd during the show.Xxx Rh4 5577 Dcb Jpg A Ent Usa Ca /

When I heard the news that Betty White, the legendary entertainment personality and all around awesome human being had passed away at the age of 99 on New Year’s Eve, one thought went through my brain.

This was 2021 getting one last cruel shot in before heading out the door.

White, who was preparing for her 100th birthday in a few weeks, was a fixture on television almost from the birth of the medium. Her six decade long career (think about that for a second) had way too many highlights to list here so we won’t even try.

However, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the one event that led to White becoming even more popular in her later years than anyone thought possible. Her turn in a 2010 Snickers Super Bowl ad that showed everyone exactly why Betty White was so cool.

Betty White attracted a whole new generation of fans with her Super Bowl ad.

The irreverent, edgy ad, where White plays a football player who can’t seem to get it together, became an instant classic and went viral almost the moment it aired. The result was fans old and new suddenly not able to get enough Betty White in their lives.

It resulted in the famous campaign to have White host Saturday Night Live, which she did for a hugely successful Mother’s Day edition. The performance led to her winning her seventh Emmy award and what was supposed to be a one-shot appearance on the new show Hot in Cleveland.

The series, which aired on Nick at Night for six seasons, starred Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves and Wendie Malick as a trio of Hollywood veterans. But White stole the show in the pilot and was quickly added as a permanent cast member.

In January of 2012 NBC aired Betty White’s 90th Birthday Party in prime-time to celebrate her long life and career. And she still regularly acted, doing guest stints on Bones and voicing a new character in Toy Story 4 that was named after her.

All partially thanks to a Snickers Super Bowl ad that showed a new generation what most people already knew. Betty White was awesome.

Someone on social media wrote that Betty White didn’t really die. Instead she “grabbed 2021 by the throat and whispered in its ear “I’m taking you with me, you son of a bitch.” And then she threw them both into the fires of Mordor to save us all.”

It makes me feel better to think that’s what actually happened for some reason. Rest in Peace Betty. Lord knows you are going to be missed.

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