Panda Express brings back their Family Meal Deal for $29

Panda Express’ $20 Meal Deal returns. Image Courtesy Panada Express
Panda Express’ $20 Meal Deal returns. Image Courtesy Panada Express /

Are you looking for a tasty deal to kick off the new year with? Then you’re in luck because Panda Express has brought back their Family Meal Deal for 2022.

Much like they have in years past, Panda Express is once again celebrating the Lunar New Year by bringing back their Family Meal Deal. But of course, every year it seems like they shake things up to keep things fresh and to inspire us to come back for more.

And according to the fine foodies over at Chew Boom, it turns out that for 2022 and the year of the tiger, Panda Express is doing a $29 Family Meal Deal Bundle that doesn’t require any fancy promo codes and can be ordered online or through the company’s app. Plus, you can choose pickup or delivery, depending on where you live!

Panda Express celebrates the Lunar New Year with the return of their Family Meal Deal

So what exactly do we get for $29? It seems that,

"each Family Meal includes a choice of three larger entrees alongside two sides for $29 (may vary). Premium entrees are available as a Family Meal option, but you’ll have to pay an additional upcharge for each Premium entrée selected."

As fans of Panda Express, we are pretty excited for the return of this meal deal! (Seriously we had them for lunch just the other day!) And while we love their standard entrees, we are definitely thinking of throwing in their Honey Walnut Shrimp as one of our entrees!

Whether it’s their Broccoli Beef, Mushroom Chicken, or their classic Orange Chicken, there are plenty of delicious entrees to choose from to make this Family Meal Deal truly magical!

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What do you say Guilty Eaters? Are you going to take advantage of this Family Meal Deal Bundle? We want to know!