Celebrate National Peanut Butter Day with these four ice creams!

Klondike & Breyers REESE’S. Image courtesy Klondike & Breyers
Klondike & Breyers REESE’S. Image courtesy Klondike & Breyers /

January is just full of fun food holidays. Did you know that National Peanut Butter day is coming up on January 24th? This delicious nut-based butter goes in just about everything — especially ice cream! While it might be ice cold in some parts of the world, ice cream is still one of the most popular desserts! Here are four delicious peanut-butter ice creams to help you celebrate!

Breyer’s has been a staple in my freezer since I was a little girl. The cornucopia of flavor choices has always excited me! But for National Peanut Butter Day, the obvious flavor choice has to be the Breyer’s REESE’S tub. This flavor takes Reese’s peanut butter cups, rich fudge, and blends these together with their peanut butter ice cream! This ice cream is smooth, rich, and oh so decadent. I highly suggest topping it with peanut butter sauce, and REESE’S minis! You can also create your own ice cream sandwiches with Breyers. Just take two peanut butter cookies, a scoop of Breyer’s REESE’S ice cream, and voila! The perfect peanut butter ice cream sandwich.

January 24th is National Peanut Butter Day! Celebrate this nutty holiday with these delicious peanut butter-inspired ice cream flavors

If you want something just slightly more decadent, spoil your taste buds with Talenti’s take on the classic ice cream, Talenti Gelato Layers Peanut Butter Vanilla Fudge. This gelato tastes incredible right out of the canister, but you can absolutely dress it up with any number of toppings. This gelato also pairs perfectly with red wine. I suggest pairing this with a glass of Apothic Red for a truly inspiring way to end your evening.

For more on-the-go options, Klondike’s REESE’S bar is a great snack to take with you. Klondike’s signature chocolate shell delicately breaks away to reveal the soft, REESE’S peanut butter flavoring inside. This is a great crunchy and smooth combo — just like crunchy peanut butter! If you want to keep your hands a little cleaner, don’t pass up on Good Humor’s Peanut Butter REESE’S bar! This creamy bar is covered with Good Humor’s own cake coating, which makes this velvety smooth bar a sweet yet salty delight.

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What’s your favorite peanut butter dish? Tell us about it in the comments below, and happy National Peanut Butter Day!