Cheez-It takes their iconic crackers to the next level with a makeover

New Cheez-It Puff’d line. Image courtesy Cheez-It
New Cheez-It Puff’d line. Image courtesy Cheez-It /

Cheez-It is ready for a new year by taking their iconic cheesy crackers to a whole new level. And that means a puffy makeover!

So what does this mean? According to a press email we received on behalf of the company,

"Cheez-It is bringing families one-of-a-kind snacktime fun in a surprising new form. Introducing Cheez-It Puff’d: a craveable new puffy and airy snack made with 100% real cheese."

That’s right! Cheez-It is getting Puff’d. And we are here for a cracker getting a puffy makeover because we love airy snacks that make us feel like we are saving on the calories.

Cheez-It introduces us to their new line of Puff’d crackers

Knowing that we can now enjoy these cheesy crackers in a new way, we wanted to know exactly which flavors they are giving us in these new crackers. And it turns out that it is three of our favorites from the classic lineup.

So which flavors got Puff’d?

  • White Cheddar – Just like their classic crackers, this is a sharp and savory flavor of cheese.
  • Double Cheese – Inside and out, this is cheese on cheese delight.
  • Scorchin’ Hot Cheddar – If you like it spicy, then this is the way to go. This is cheddar and heat in every bite.

Now the question is when can we get our hands on these puffy crackers? It seems that we should start seeing these Puff’d crackers on store shelves starting this February! That also means that these should be turning up just in time for our Super Bowl snacking and we are here for that too! But really, we are here for the fact that this is just going to boost our snack time to the next level.

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What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are you going to snag this new take on the iconic Cheez-It crackers? Do you like snacks that have been made airy and “puff’d?” Let us know in the comments.