Jelly Belly changing the way we look at Valentine’s Day candy giving

Jelly Belly 10-Flavor Valentine Gift Box
Jelly Belly 10-Flavor Valentine Gift Box /

When you think of Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? Is it chocolate and roses? The answer is probably yes (for the most part). But Jelly Belly wants us to rethink our candy giving game on Valentine’s Day.

And what better way to shake things up than by making sure that we have some tasty and even festive offerings to choose from that aren’t actually chocolate. Because, really, how can you go wrong with a sweet treat from Jelly Belly?

So what exactly are we choosing instead of chocolate this Valentine’s Day? Well Jelly Belly of course! But no really, they have three options to choose from that we are loving right now. And yes, they scream hearts and romance too!

Jelly Belly gives us three Valentine’s Day themed treats to choose from when it comes to candy giving in 2022

Jelly Belly makes Valentine’s Day candy giving more fun in 2022 with three treats, including their 10-Flavor Valentine’s Gift Box!

  • 10-Flavor Valentine’s Gift Box – According to the press email we received, these gift boxes include, “Ten red, white and pink colored jelly beans are included, from Red Apple and Jewel Very Cherry to Strawberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Pudding, Champagne, Cotton Candy and more.” And each box is a mix of pink colors on the outside with the perfect seasonal design for Valentine’s Day gift giving.
  • Sour Pucker Lips – These lips come in a red and white bag that shows off the lip shaped sour gummies in the bag. And according to Jelly Belly in these bags you get, “these sour chewy kisses with flavors including Sour Cherry Pucker, Sour Strawberry Pucker, and Sour Watermelon. Available in a 6 oz gift bag or 2.8 oz grab & go bag.”
  • Conversations Beans – Forget the conversation hearts, it is all about the beans this year. The jelly beans that is! These beans come with romantic words and phrases, perfect for getting that Valentine’s Day message across to anyone.

Honestly, we love the idea of shaking up our Valentine’s Day candy giving. And with Jelly Belly, we can do that while still sticking with a theme of romance and love.

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But what do you think Guilty Eaters? Are you a fan of Jelly Belly and their seasonal offerings? Would you give these treats to your Valentine or Galentine? We want to know!