Whataburger is getting ready for a big expansion in 2022

Hatch Green Chile Bacon Burger Whatameal. Image courtesy Whataburger
Hatch Green Chile Bacon Burger Whatameal. Image courtesy Whataburger /

If you have ever eaten Whataburger, then you already know just how delicious their burgers, chicken sandwiches, and sweet tea are. And while this fast food chain was often considered a Texas staple, following the majority sale of the formerly family owned restaurant in 2019, it is finally time for the rest of the country to get in on the fun.

As Mashed reported in their roundup of chains expected to expand “everywhere” starting in 2022, Whataburger is making some big moves to make sure that people outside of Texas can get their hands on everything from their Buffalo Ranch Chicken Strip Sandwiches to their Whataburger Patty Melt. And that means that if you have ever craved a late night trip to Whataburger, but you don’t live in Texas (or near some of the very few places that also had their own restaurant), you may finally be in luck.

Of course, just because they are expanding, that doesn’t mean everyone will get lucky – at least not yet.

So where all will these new locations be heading?

Whataburger is expanding beyond its Texas borders in 2022

Up first, we have to mention that Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs is such a fan of Whataburger that he is helping with this expansion in his own way. Mahomes has invested his own money to help bring locations of the restaurant to both Missouri and Kansas. (Which obviously means those two states are going to be enjoying Whataburger pretty soon.)

But those are not the only states where people will be able to hit the drive thru for a late night feast. Other states that will also be seeing the chain pop up include Colorado, Tennessee, and beyond.

As a fan of Whataburger myself, this is exciting news. It would be nice to snag a Patty Melt and fries without having to fly back to Texas to do it. Plus, this is great news in general for the company, as it proves that they have what it takes to take on the bigger chains.

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But we want to know what you think of this news. Are you excited for more options when it comes to those burgers and fries? Where do you want to see a restaurant pop up?