Twinings new Superblends bring even more flavor to their tea

Twinings Brings Vibrancy and Positivity with New Superblends Collection
Twinings Brings Vibrancy and Positivity with New Superblends Collection /

Are you looking for something hot to drink on cold winter nights? Are you a fan of Twinings teas and the many flavors they have to offer? Then you may want to try their new line of Superblends Teas!

So what are these Superblends teas you may ask? And why have we added them to our cabinet of cold weather drinks?

According to a press email we received on behalf of Twinings, these teas “are fortified with vitamins and functional additives, offering consumers a simple way to enhance their overall wellbeing by providing physical and mental benefits.”

Currently only available in four flavors, each box will run you around $5.49 each depending on where you are or if you snag a box off of the Twinings website (and yes, you can buy these online).

Twinings releases four Superblends Teas

So what flavors of hot tea did they drop for us?

  • Sleep+ – This flavor takes a classic chamomile and adds in vanilla and cinnamon to elevate the flavor, while the addition of Melatonin truly makes this tea a perfect choice for anyone looking to end the night with a boost to get to sleep.
  • Immune Support+ – For this green tea, the flavors of Mango and Ginger come together and then get a boost with the addition of Vitamin C.
  • Energy+ – This is a green tea blend with citrus and apple that gets its boost from Vitamin B6.
  • Heartea+ – Finally, this tea is an herbal hibiscus tea with raspberry that gets a boost from the addition of Vitamin B1.

After trying all four flavors myself, I can definitely see the benefits of adding these to the sipping rotation. And yes, the Sleep+ definitely delivers when it comes to helping you get a great night’s sleep, while also tasting so delicious that you will almost wish that they had this in a non-sleep variety too.

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But are you a fan of hot tea? Are you a Twinings drinker? Have you seen these Superblends in stores near you?