The Great Chocolate Showdown needs something to spice it up

Chocolate Brownie Bark at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium at Universal Orlando Resort, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort
Chocolate Brownie Bark at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium at Universal Orlando Resort, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort /

Who knew The CW was the place to go for cooking shows? Well, apparently they are because they just premiered the Great Chocolate Showdown on Saturday, Jan 29, 2022. Although, the show isn’t exactly new. It first premiered in Canada in 2020 and is now re-airing on The CW for all us Americans. If they could do this with The Great Canadian Baking Show too, that would be great!

The Great Chocolate Showdown features home bakers competing for $50,000 and based on the first episode, they must compete in two challenges per episode. In the first challenge, they must show a specific skill one of the judges teaches them.

In the second challenge, they must recreate a classic recipe. The top three contestants in the first challenge get immunity and don’t have to compete in the second challenge.

They are all judged by cake designer Cynthia Stroud, chocolatier Steven Hodge, and pastry chef Anna Olson.

Great Chocolate Showdown premiered on The CW on Jan 29, 2022

In this first episode, the contestants had to make a recipe that showed off who they are and showed if they could temper chocolate. They then had to make a dessert that recreated s’mores.

Overall, the premiere was just okay. The contestants did pretty well. Some performed better than others as you would expect. The first episode of any cooking competition show is always about figuring out who knows their stuff and who doesn’t.

That being said, if we’re going by entertainment factor alone, the contestants completely outshined the judges. Where the contestants are fun, interesting, and creative, the judges seem stale and borderline robotic. I hope this changes as the episodes go on.

With shows like The Great British Baking Show, Baking It, Sugar Rush, and Nailed It! where the judges and hosts are just as interesting as the contestants, these judges felt boring by comparison.

Luckily, the contestants do make up for that. They all seem to be very supportive of each other, each has their own styles when it comes to baking, and no one seems to be there to create drama.

Craig who made a matcha version of s’mores was the one to go home while Casey with her whimsical s’more cupcake came out on top.

It looks like on the next episode they will have to work with chocolate and balloons for the first challenge and then, for the elimination round, they’ll have to mix fruit into their chocolate creations.

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