Pizza Hut released their spiciest pizza ever and it is all about the heat

Pizza Hut BOOK IT! bundle. Image courtesy Pizza
Pizza Hut BOOK IT! bundle. Image courtesy Pizza /

For a long time, it looked like Pizza Hut might become a thing of nostalgia, rather than the pizza place we hit up on a Friday night when want a delicious pizza to end the week with. But in recent years, they have done their best to reinvent themselves and not just stay relevant, but adapt to the trends and evolving taste buds of consumers.

And for their latest trend setting act, they dropped three spicy pizzas that are all about bringing the heat. Pizza Hut is officially bringing the heat with their all new Spicy Lover’s Pizza which comes in not one, but three varieties to satisfy every spicy pizza lover.

So what makes these spicy pizzas so special? And what are our three options of Spicy Lover’s Pizza to bring the heat?

Pizza Hut debuts three limited edition Spicy Lover’s Pizzas to kickstart 2022

According to Pizza Hut’s press release, the three new Spicy Lover’s Pizzas are:

"Spicy Double Pepperoni: The Pepperoni Lover’s dream; layered with spicy marinara sauce, two types of pepperonis – classic and crispy cupped – sliced red chilis and Fiery FlakesSpicy Hawaiian Chicken: A delightful mix of spicy and sweet; spicy marinara sauce, chicken, pineapple, sliced red chilis and Fiery FlakesSpicy Veggie: A colorfully vibrant sight to behold (and eat); spicy marinara sauce, green bell peppers, red onions, mushrooms, sliced red chilis and Fiery Flakes"

Now if you like your pizza with a kick, this is definitely the drop for you. And perhaps it is the marinara sauce with the heat or the red chilis that help add to the spice levels, but for us, it is all about those Fiery Flakes. Those flakes kick that heat up a notch, while still bringing a level of flavor that is hard to beat.

If you are a spice lover, then you won’t want to miss out on any of these pizzas. And even if you don’t like over the top heat levels, you may still want to give this one a taste (even if it means you get your own pizza while someone else finishes this one).

When it comes to finding ways to bring innovative ideas to the table, Pizza Hut continues to impress with tasty dishes, meals, and pizza varieties that are second to none. Forget the nostalgia, pizza hut is on trend right now and we are living for it.

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But what do you say Guilty Eaters? Are we excited for the heat? Do you enjoy spicy dishes? Have you had a chance to try the Spicy Lover’s Pizzas yet?