The spiciest ways to add a little heat this Valentine’s Day!

Hot Sauce Assortment. Image by Lauren Sisselman
Hot Sauce Assortment. Image by Lauren Sisselman /

This Valentine’s Day why not add a little heat to your plans? That’s right, we’re going to be looking at some of the yummiest and most flavorful hot sauces to heat you and a loved one up this Valentine’s Day. All of these sauces have been tried in my kitchen by both myself and my boyfriend — who is the king of hot sauces in our house — for taste and kick.

Jah Mama is fairly new to the hot sauce scene, but this sauce is not to be ignored. Created by Jahphet Negast Landis, this sauce is an ode to his departed mom and also celebrates the flavors and love he grew up in. This hot sauce adds in that much-needed Caribbean flavor to any meal, and has just enough of a kick to wake every dish up! I’m especially thrilled that this has both black pepper and turmeric, two ingredients I add to a lot of my own dishes. I’ve used Jah Mama on pizza and french fries, and each time Jah Mama has added that much-needed flavor burst to each meal dish.

Guilty Eats readers are likely familiar with Tia Lupita who makes high-quality snacks and sauces — such as their own Tia Lupita Hot Sauce! This hot sauce is created with ripened red chili peppers, which gives it a solid kick! I personally use Tia Lupita Hot Sauce on vanilla ice cream (trust me), potato chips, and of course chili! This is a great sauce with just enough of a kick that every person can enjoy it.

Need to turn the heat up to 11 this Valentine’s Day? Try one of these seven savory hot sauces!

Bravado Spice Co doesn’t play around with their sauces (nor do they mess around with their margarita mixers!). With nine different sauces on various ends of the Scoville scale, there is a spice level for everyone. Their Black Garlic Carolina Reaper comes in at a level 5 heat, and this one absolutely took me out. We mix this in with chili, but if you absolutely need a scorcher this Valentine’s Day, look no further.

Poser Poison Hot Sauce is a unique hot sauce. Created by the Chicago-based pop-punk band Action/Adventure with sauce makers Soothsayer, this hot sauce blends Mexican chocolate, blueberries, citrus, and scorpion pepper into a deep purple sauce that will make you sing! And after all, who doesn’t want to be serenaded on Valentine’s Day? I use this primarily on tacos, but this would also make a great addition to a spicy mixed drink!

If you’re deep into the hot sauce world, you’ve already heard of Truff. Made from truffles, this vegan and gluten-free hot sauce brand can make any date even hotter! We’ve been huge fans of Truff in my home for years and put it on absolutely everything. I personally love the Hotter Sauce, which does boast an impressive  5,000-7K SHU. I use the Hotter Sauce primarily on mac and cheese, which yes, you should absolutely try.

Most homes with kitchens probably have a bottle of Tabasco brand hot sauce in there. This sauce is an institution in the hot sauce scene, and for good reason. I recently tried the Chiptole Hot Sauce, and it turned up the heat to 11. This Chipotle Hot Sauce goes great on chicken, pork, and even salads. No matter what kind of Tabasco you get though, each one will bring the heat!

Last, but certainly not least, is the Old Bay Hot Sauce. Made by Maryland-based McCormick, this is your standard hot sauce, but with the cult favorite (and Baltimore favorite) Old Bay Seasoning. If you’ve never had Old Bay, it’s a seafood seasoning with a kick — and we put it on everything. Ice cream, popcorn, cookies, fries, all kinds of meats, and we even put it in beer and other mixed drinks. This Old Bay Hot Sauce is a must if you’ve never tried it before. While you can use this more traditionally, this is the perfect hot sauce for a Bloody Mary.

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