Coca-Cola launches their Creations line of products with the new Starlight

Coca-Cola announced the launch of Coca-Cola Creations with Coca-Cola Starlight
Coca-Cola announced the launch of Coca-Cola Creations with Coca-Cola Starlight /

In 2022, Coca-Cola is getting creative and launching a whole new line of limited edition products under their new Creations line. And on February 21, everyone can take part in this latest innovation as the new Coca-Cola Creations Starlight flavor is set to hit store shelves.

Thanks to a press release we received from the brand, we learned that,

"Inspired by space, Starlight was created with the vision that – in a world of infinite possibilities – somewhere in our universe, another kind of Coca-Cola, another way of connecting with each other might exist. It aims to bring space to life through a simple sip, capturing some of the mystery and essence of what we love about what lies beyond our atmosphere."

Coca-Cola Creations launches their first innovation – Starlight

Starlight comes in classic 20 ounce bottles, as well as their mini cans in both a standard flavor and a Zero Sugar option. But there is so much more to the packaging than the pretty celestial print on the pink and purple toned labels.

We are talking about a virtual experience brought to us courtesy of the current partnership between Coca-Cola Creations and Ava Max. This digital marketing campaign brings us something out of this world and fun as we get a chance to experience something new and mysterious.

While we all know what a classic sip of cola tastes and even feels like, with this new Starlight offering, we get a whole new experience. From the cooling sensation to the reddened hue of the liquid, this new cola will make you rethink the way you sip.

And as this Creations line is a whole new offering from Coca-Cola, we can expect that in 2022, more things will be coming our way. In fact, in the press email we learned, “Over the course of 2022 and beyond, we will collaborate to create new flavors, designs and experiences, reimagining Coca-Cola in limited-time editions inspired by relevant moments, music and gaming, across physical and digital worlds.”

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But we want to know what you think. Are you excited for a new experience with Coca-Cola? Will you be trying the new Starlight flavor? What do you think might be next in the Creations line?