NERDS Gummy Clusters voted most innovative product of 2022

NERDS® Gummy Clusters. Image courtesy NERDS
NERDS® Gummy Clusters. Image courtesy NERDS /

Who doesn’t like NERDS? They are small, crunchy, and sweet. What’s not to like? Well, it seems like Product of the Year USA, the consumer survey for product innovation, agrees.

The consumers who participated in the survey just voted NERDS Gummy Clusters as the 2022  most innovative product in the sugar confections category! Considering how much new candy is out there, that’s pretty amazing.

And it wasn’t just one or two people who voted for this new-ish candy. It was 40,000 consumers! That’s a lot of people to agree on one thing.

The Gummy Clusters originally came out in 2020 and if you haven’t tried them yet, you definitely need to. They consist of a fruity gummy middle which is encrusted with rainbow NERDS. They are sweet, sour, crunchy, and delicious.

NERDS Gummy Clusters named most innovative 2022 product

If you love the NERDS rope ( a favorite of mine), you will probably love these. They are like bite-size chunks of the rope. I received two packs and…I could have totally eaten a whole bag, but I showed a little restraint (for once).  Look at this deliciousness below!

NERDS® Gummy Clusters. Image courtesy NERDS
NERDS® Gummy Clusters. Image courtesy NERDS /

They also have a Very Berry version where the fruity middle is covered with Very Berry NERDS in blue raspberry, strawberry, grape, and wildberry flavors.

The candy brand also recently came out with their own version of candy corn (they have to taste better than regular candy corn, right?), and their recent collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons.

While the candy isn’t Dungeons & Dragons-themed, you can enter a fun adventure using your proof of purchase. It all starts on Thursday, Sept 1, 2022 so stock up on the candy while you can.

I actually just bought the Dungeons & Dragons ones recently. Did I buy them because they came with a sparkly unicorn headband? Of course. But that doesn’t mean the candy didn’t taste good too.

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What are your favorite NERDS? Do you like the original, the ropes, or the clusters? Let us know in the comments below!