Next Level Chef Episode 10: Next Level Semi-Final

NEXT LEVEL CHEF: L-R: Mentor Gordon Ramsay with contestant Mariah in the “Fusion Confusion” episode of NEXT LEVEL CHEF airing Wednesday, Feb. 16 (9:00-10:00 ET/PT) on FOX © 2022 FOX Media LLC. CR: FOX.
NEXT LEVEL CHEF: L-R: Mentor Gordon Ramsay with contestant Mariah in the “Fusion Confusion” episode of NEXT LEVEL CHEF airing Wednesday, Feb. 16 (9:00-10:00 ET/PT) on FOX © 2022 FOX Media LLC. CR: FOX. /

Heading into Week 10 of Next Level Chef there are six chefs left, each talented and worthy of winning the $250,000 prize and being mentored by Gordon Ramsay, Richard Blais and Nyesha Arrington. Each has skills that make them unique and capable of winning it all.

Which meant that the news that the field would be cut in half and three chefs would be going home this week and not making it to the Final was that much more heartbreaking. To get so close but to miss it by that much stings.

For Week 10, it was all about razzle dazzle. The judges wanted to see the chefs make a dish that stood out, that wowed not only their palette but their eyes as well. In other words, a next level dish that would make their food stand apart.

After last week, Mariah and Angie would cook in the Top Kitchen, Pyet and Courtney would be in the Middle while Reuel and Kenny would be cooking in The Basement.

Which chefs are going to the Final of Season 1 of Next Level Chef?

From the outset you could see who was filled with confidence and who was starting to question themselves. Pyet and Kenny had their eyes on the prize and remained calm and collected throughout. Others, such and Angie and surprisingly Reuel, seemed a bit flustered.

Reuel in particular seemed a bit shaken after his appearance in the Elimination Challenge last week. No doubt this was why when the Platform reappeared with exotic plate ware for the chefs to use along with specialty ingredients, Reuel forgot to grab a plate.

This meant that his halibut with potatoes and parsnips was presented without the next level flair the judges were looking for. The error ended up costing him as since he wasn’t one of the chefs chosen to go directly to the Final.

That honor went to Pyet, whose perfectly cooked butter poached lobster was a massive hit and Mariah, who dazzled with her smoked and spiced lamb chops. Kenny, who had been having issues the last few weeks, was ridiculously close to getting a spot in the Final with his veal chop and corn but some undercooked mushrooms proved the difference.

With two slots filled that meant that the four remaining chefs would battle it out for the last spot in the Next Level Chef Finale. The theme for the Challenge was that chefs had to use silver and gold in their dishes to make them literally shine.

While three of the chefs went for classic proteins, such as Angie and the fillet and Kenny with a duck breast, Reuel thought outside the box and grabbed a salmon fillet. He, Angie and Kenny cooked like their lives depended on it while Courtney, for the first time, seemed in over her head.

It was a shame because Courtney had proven to everyone she didn’t deserve to be picked last in the team draft. But the pressure of Next Level Chef finally got to her as she set her towel on fire, had trouble making a cohesive dish with her rib eye and had no clue how to cook with something like gold.

Despite both Angie and Kenny doing themselves proud with their food, it was Reuel who won the last spot in the Final and if we’re bing honest, it wasn’t that close. Both Arrington and Blais loved what he did with the salmon as he showed off exactly what he can do in a kitchen.

That means the Final 3 are Pyet, Mariah and Reuel, two people who cook every day for a living versus a chef who works more in social media. It should make for a very intriguing finale with some of the boldest dishes yet.

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