Boursin is elevating our cooking and snacking game

Boursin Bites and Boursin Cooking Cream
Boursin Bites and Boursin Cooking Cream /

Boursin is taking our cooking and snacking to a whole new level with the introduction of two new products to their lineup of goodies.

At the end of February, we received a press email introducing Guilty Eats to Boursin’s new Boursin Cooking Cream and Boursin Bites in the flavor Garlic & Fine Herbs. And while both of these products are reminiscent of their classic cheese, these take that to a whole new level.

With the Cooking Cream, we get a “ready-to-use culinary cooking cream with a smooth, rich and creamy texture that adds a rich and flavorful burst to any soup, sauce or entree.” The tub of cooking cream will cost you approximately $5.49 and is perfect for a variety of cooking applications.

We got to try it and used it to make our mashed potatoes more creamy, with the addition of a garlicky flavor profile. On top of mashed potatoes, we also used it to make a lemony garlic sauce for a salmon dish. And both times, it was an amazing addition to the menu that made it easy to elevate both dishes.

Boursin adds a cooking cream and bites to their product lineup

Boursin introduces Bites and Cooking Cream to elevate everyday cooking /

Then we have the Boursin Bites. These poppable bites of cheese are just like getting the classic Boursin cheese, but in a much easier, snacking form. They are described as, “bite-sized pieces of everyone’s favorite creamy, crumbly cheese artfully folded with a blend of delicate garlic, fragrant parsley, and mild chives for an easy and delicious way to enhance any snack, salad or appetizer.” And at approximately $4.49 for a container of these bites, they are perfect for a variety of snacking needs.

In fact, not only did we eat these straight out of the container, but we also added them to our salads and even as a way to add some flavor to a bowl of rice. Basically, there are just as many uses for the bites as there are the cooking cream.

After trying both of these products, I have to say they deliver exactly what we would expect from Boursin. They are both packed with flavor and offer a level of versatility that elevates both snacking and cooking.

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But we want to know what you think of these two new products? Which product are you the most excited for? Will you be using the cooking cream? What do you think of these easy to snack on bites? We want to know.