The Return of Snapple Elements

Snapple Elements Brings Flavor to Rain, Fire and Air. Image courtesy Snapple
Snapple Elements Brings Flavor to Rain, Fire and Air. Image courtesy Snapple /

When the weather heats up, it’s nice to cool down with a fruit-flavored beverage. Snapple is a name you’re probably well familiar with. The company, founded in 1972, has come a long way from selling lemon flavored tea and now has more than 30 flavors in their lineup. In April 1999, the company launched a line called Snapple Elements. These drinks were popular for several years, but sales eventually slipped which led to the discontinuation of the Elements line.

Fans of these beverages can rejoice because Snapple Elements has returned! However, the line has an updated formula. The sugar content is lower than the original version. In addition, new Elements drinks are lower in sugar than Snapple’s regular lines of teas and juices, and do not contain artificial sweeteners. Although the line’s first run ended up with over fifteen different varieties, the new relaunch is starting with three flavors.

Snapple Elements: Rain, Fire and Air! Which will you choose?

From a recent press email, flavors in the Snapple Elements line include:

"RAIN (Agave Nectar Juice Drink) is sweetened with sugar and Agave Nectar.FIRE (Dragon Fruit Juice Drink) is sweetened with the natural fruit flavor of Dragon Fruit.AIR (Prickly Pear + Peach White tea) is sweetened with prickly pear & peach with the light taste of white tea."

The new Snapple Elements also underwent a facelift with new designs and packaging.  Snapple has exchanged the original glass bottles for 15.9 oz. single-serve plastic bottles.

Snapple Elements started hitting store shelves at the beginning of March. Online sightings have located them at Walmart and CVS. However, you can DM the company on Instagram with your zip code and they will try to help you locate them at a store near you.

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Guilty Eaters, do you remember Snapple Elements?  If so, do you have a favorite? Which flavor do you want to try?