Sauza introduces their first line of canned cocktails

Sauza launches first Canned Cocktail line
Sauza launches first Canned Cocktail line /

Are you looking for something new to sip on this summer? Are you a fan of Sauza Tequila? Do you enjoy the ease of canned cocktails for summer get togethers or anytime you want to enjoy a little get together fun? Then this new line of canned cocktails is for you!

Introducing the first line of canned cocktails from Sauza! The new Sauza Agave Cocktails started hitting store shelves on March 10 and while we may know the brand for their tequila, moving forward we may be reaching for those cans first.

Available in four flavors (right now), this new canned cocktail is “influenced by the brand’s Mexican heritage and passion for flavor.” So what are the flavors we are going to be sipping on all Spring long?

Get your sip on with these new canned cocktails from Sauza

The four flavors of Sauza Agave Cocktails are:

  • Black Cherry Smash – While this canned cocktail starts off with a base of black cherry, there are notes of both vanilla and the sweeter maraschino cherries. This drink also has citrus notes, making it a perfect sip all around.
  • Lime Crush – This is my favorite of the bunch thanks to the lime (I’m a citrus lover all around). This cocktail is relatively simple, giving us just lime and agave to make a classic drink.
  • Strawberry Breeze – Take strawberries add in mango and kiwi, sweeten the deal with agave and you have the magic of the Strawberry Breeze!
  • Tropical Twist – This is another tasty cocktail as it kicks off the fun with pineapple before layering in citrus notes and passion fruit with the agave.

We got to try all four flavors of the new canned cocktails and every single one was delicious. In fact, these might just be our new favorite summer sip. Of course, we still have to get through Spring first and we are definitely taking these cans on our seasonal journey.

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