Smashburger announces a new, revamped menu

Smashburger Unveils New Menu Items (including Adult Chicken Tenders!)
Smashburger Unveils New Menu Items (including Adult Chicken Tenders!) /

When most people think of Smashburger, they naturally think of burgers. I mean, it’s in the name after all. It’s kind of hard to miss. However, that doesn’t mean that the only thing they serve are burgers. Though I’d be fine with that if they did. They’re pretty darn good.

Anyway, Smashbuger has been testing new menu items across the country, trying out new things to see what works and what doesn’t. Giving a menu a new look takes a lot of work and isn’t an exact science, so you need to tread carefully and really know what your customers want.

After a ton of research, Smashburger thinks they know and are ready to roll out their new menu. According to the press email we received here at Guilty Eats Headquarters, located at a secret location in South Philadelphia, it includes a couple of brand new items as well as a returning favorite and a Lenten offering available for a limited time.

First up are a pair of new Chicken Tender meals, one of which that has some serious kick to it. Adult Chicken Tenders and Scorchin’ Hot Chicken Tenders are partially inspired by the Scorchin’ Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich which was offered in 2021 and proved to be a huge hit.

Both the Adult and Scorchin’ Hot Tenders are made of all white meat chicken and include your choice of sauce in the form of BBQ, Ranch, or Honey Mustard. The Scorchin’ Hot Tenders include a bath in Smashburger’s Nashville Scorchin’ Hot seasoning. Hence the name.

Smashburger is taking the popular Colorado Burger nationwide.

In addition to the new Chicken Tender meals, Smashburger is also making the fan-favorite Colorado Burger available everywhere and making it a permanent menu item. If you aren’t from Colorado, then you need to know the burger is made from Angus Beef and includes Anaheim chiles, cheddar and pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo all on a chipotle bun.

Finally, just in time for Lent is the return of the Beer Battered Pacific Cod Sandwich. It includes a piece of wild-caught Pacific Cod dipped in batter that is infused with lager and then fried. It is then topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce. It will be available until April 19.

According to Carl Bachmann, President at Smashburger, the new menu is an attempt to modify their offerings while keeping their fans happy.

"“As a culinary food-focused brand, we continue to take an aggressive approach into menuinnovation and have continued to diversify our product portfolio with the launch of these twoChicken Tender offerings. After the success of our non-burger offerings, like the Scorchin’ Hot Crispy Chicken Sandwich, we wanted to offer our guests a more convenient way to enjoy some of Smashburger’s high caliber chicken products.”"

Time will tell if the new menu clicks with their fanbase of if this will be New Coke all over again.

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