The newest M&M’s flavor is finally here and it inspired a special Christina Tosi cookie

M&M’S Crunchy Cookie. Image courtesy M&M's
M&M’S Crunchy Cookie. Image courtesy M&M's /

Is there anything better than a handful of M&M’s as a mid-day pick-me-up? As a foodie and Guilty Eater, I would have to say no. But then in the summer of 2021 they announced that they were introducing us to a brand new flavor of their candy coated chocolates and we quickly learned that there is one thing better.

Now that it is the end of March, M&M’s has officially launched their new M&M’s Crunchy Cookie Candy. Take the iconic candy coated chocolate and stuff a crunchy cookie piece into the center and you have this new flavor that is everything we never knew we wanted or needed in an M&M.

But in honor of this launch, they have decided to do something special for their fans. In a press email we received on behalf of this launch we learned that,

"to celebrate, we’re partnering with Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi to create a limited-edition cookie inspired by the new flavor – The M&M’S x Christina Tosi Crunchy Cookie Crunchy Cookie."

That’s right! They are giving us a crunchy cookie that includes Crunchy Cookie M&M’s. But how can people get their hands on these very limited cookies?

M&M’S and Christina Tosi are making magic happen with a very special cookie offering

M&M’S x Christina Tosi Crunchy Cookie Limited-Release Treat. Image courtesy M&M’s /

Starting on March 29, when you snag yourself a bag of the new Crunchy Cookie candies, you will find a QR code on the back of the bag near the bar code. Scan the QR code (or you can visit the M&M’s website) to sign up for a chance to be notified of when the 100 cookies (that’s right there will only be 100 cookies available) are released on the website.

And while it is clear that not everyone will be able to try this limited-edition cookie, there is a bit of good news for fans of Milk Bar, Tosi, and of course these candies. “Those who miss getting their hands on Tosi’s creation will be invited to provide their email address to receive the recipe to create their very own M&M’s x Christina Tosi Crunchy Cookie crunchy cookies at home.”

As lovers of all things sweet treats, we are just as excited for the launch of these new chocolate candies as we are this limited edition cookie launch.

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But we want to know what you think! Are you excited for this new Crunchy Cookie flavor? Will you try to get your hands on one of these super special cookies? Would you try to make your own cookies with this recipe?