Red Vines want you to name their new mascot

Name The Red Vines(R) Mascot, Win Free Candy For A Year! Image courtesy American Licorice Company
Name The Red Vines(R) Mascot, Win Free Candy For A Year! Image courtesy American Licorice Company /

Red Vines is introducing more than just licorice these days. They recently unveiled their new company mascot, but since it doesn’t have a name yet, they are asking fans to come up with one for the chance to win an amazing prize.

Starting on Monday, April 4 and running through Tuesday, April 12 (National Licorice Day), you can submit your idea for the name of the new mascot. You can either do so on American Licorice Company’s social media pages or through the Red Vines landing page.

The mascot is simply a piece of their licorice made into the shape of a stick figure.

Once all the entries are in, the Red Vines team will go through all the suggestions and pick the top five. From April 22 through April 30, the top five will be put up on their website for everyone to vote on. Whichever name receives the most votes will be what the mascot is called.

Red Vines looking for a name for their new mascot

They will reveal who won on Friday, May 6, 2022. The winner will receive free candy for a year! That’s definitely worth coming up with a name.

Even just voting for one of the top five will get you a 25%-off discount on the candy.

But Red Vines isn’t stopping there. If you order from their website in the month of April, you will get a free 5oz tray of Red Vines. So even if you order your weight in Sour Punch Easter candy, you’ll still get a free tray of licorice as a treat.

There is even some limited-edition merchandise which includes two Red Vines t-shirts. One is grey and blue with “Peace, Love & Vines” on the back and the other is white with red edging and “Peach Love & Vines” repeated across the front of the shirt. They are $14.99 and $8.99, respectively.

So if you’re looking to show your love for licorice this National Licorice Day, make sure to enter the mascot-naming contest and get yourselves some licorice and Red Vines merch.

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What would you name the new mascot? Let us know in the comments below!