PEEPS partners with ColourPop for the ultimate makeup collection to show off your PEEPSONALITY

In 2022, Spring and Easter is all about showing off our PEEPSONALITY with the help of PEEPS! And thanks to their latest collaboration, we absolutely can show off our PEEPSONALITY in style.

Following in the footsteps of their collab with Sally Hansen, PEEPS has decided to collaborate with one of our favorite makeup brands – ColourPop! ColourPop is affordable makeup that also delivers on quality. And over the last few years, they have been giving us some of the best collaborations for fans of Pop Culture (they have an NBA collection, a Hocus Pocus collection, a Star Wars collection, and so much more).

But now, the foodies of the world can channel one of our favorite Easter treats, the PEEPS, when it comes to our ColourPop collections. That’s right, there is now a mini collection of PEEPS x ColourPop products that let us show off our PEEPSONALITY this Spring!

So what all is part of this collab?

PEEPS partners with ColourPop to help us show off our PEEPSONALITY


Express Your PEEPSONALITY with ColourPop.

This collection includes a variety of individual products and two different sets that feature all of the goodies being offered:

  • Go PEEPS Go Glowing Lip in Lavender
  • Go PEEPS Go Glowing Lip in Orange
  • Go PEEPS Go Glowing Lip in Pink
  • Go PEEPS Go Glowing Lip Set of 3 (This is all three colors in the collection as a set.)
  • Where My PEEPS At? Super Shock Shadow in Green (I am in love with this shade of green.)
  • Where My PEEPS At? Super Shock Shadow in Blue (This blue is everything.)
  • Where My PEEPS At? Super Shock Shadow in Lavender
  • Where My PEEPS At? Super Shock Shadow in Pink (Is it even Easter if this color isn’t in the lineup?)
  • Where My PEEPS At? Super Shock Shadow in Orange
  • Where My PEEPS At? Super Shock Shadow in Yellow
  • Where My PEEPS At? Super Shock Shadow in White (It’s a classic and we need it!)
  • Where My PEEPS At? Super Shock Shadow Set of 7 (Again, this is the entire collection of colors so you can make all the looks!)
  • The Full Collection Set (This set, which is $75 for all 10 items, is perfect for anyone like me who needs to have every single thing in a collab, even if you may never use all the colors.)
  • The PR Collection Set (This set costs $79 and comes with a press card.)

So while they kept things simple with this collection in terms of exactly what they are offering, they definitely channeled the classic marshmallow treats we all know and love. The names of the colors may seem rather simple (sticking with green, blue, pink, orange, etc.), but they are definitely what we would expect considering when we pick up the actual chicks and bunnies in the store, we are always referring to them by their color.

For us, we want those Yellow Chicks and the Blue Chicks. We want to Pink Bunnies and the White Bunnies. We are all about the fun, Spring colors of these sugar-coated marshmallow treats. So it just makes sense that when partnering with ColourPop, the color names themselves were just as simplistic.

This new makeup collection is available right now on the ColourPop website so if you want it in time for Easter, you will want to hop on over and snag what you want right now.

You can make some vibrant looks perfect for Easter, the rest of Spring, and all summer long and we are here for it! And why wouldn’t we want to show off our PEEPSONALITY in style?

Of course, we can only hope this partnership is expanded in the future and we maybe get an actual palette too because then our collection would truly be a next level winner.

What do you think Guilty Eats readers? Are you surprised by this partnership? Are you excited for a new way to show off your love of all things yellow, blue, and pink marshmallow chicks and bunnies? Will you be grabbing either the lip or eye colors? We would love to hear your thoughts on this collaboration in the comments.