Eggo makes it easier than ever to enjoy a waffle on the go

NEW PRODUCT: Go toaster-free with Eggo Belgian-style Waffles. Image courtesy Eggo
NEW PRODUCT: Go toaster-free with Eggo Belgian-style Waffles. Image courtesy Eggo /

When it comes to waffles, in many cases their are two types that come to mind – Belgian and Eggo! And that makes perfect sense in our foodie loving minds.

While we may not be making Belgian waffles at home, we love getting them for breakfast or brunch when we can. And when it comes to Eggo waffles, they are a freezer staple that makes it easy to enjoy a quick waffle breakfast before rushing out the door on our way to school or work.

But now, Eggo wants to make that on-the-go breakfast easier than ever. And that means giving us their very first grab and go waffle option that doesn’t need a toaster for us to enjoy the deliciousness.

Eggo introduces their new Grab & Go Liege-Style Waffles

NEW PRODUCT: Go toaster-free with Eggo Belgian-style Waffles. Image courtesy Eggo /

Introducing the new Eggo Grab & Go Liege-Style Waffles! Available in two flavors (at least for right now), these new waffles don’t require the use of a toaster for us to enjoy these treats.

According to the press release from the company, these new waffles are

"inspired by a classic Belgian street food staple, feature a golden brioche dough and are baked through with crunchy bits of pearl sugar. These on-the-go waffles are made with real butter and no artificial colors or flavors."

Described as a liege-style waffle, they will be available in stores around the country this month and come in a Buttery Maple Flavor and a classic Strawberry flavor. They are individually wrapped and thaw in about an hour (because yes, these still need the freezer, even if the toaster is optional). That being said, just because the toaster is not necessary to enjoy this waffle treat, that doesn’t mean we can’t use it to warm these up before we head out the door.

And since the Liege-style of waffle is infused with maple and butter, there is no need for any drippy toppings, making this a perfect choice for anyone who loves those flavors but wants to literally eat and run. Think of this as the mess free way to enjoy a waffle in the morning.

I know we can’t wait to give these a try and we can only hope that they end up being as popular as we think they will so that we can get other flavors, such as blueberry and chocolate chip.

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What do you say Guilty Eats readers? Are we excited for a grab and go option when it comes to our beloved Eggo waffles? Which flavor are you eager to try first? Let us know in the comments below (or hit us up on Twitter).