Is Starbucks open for Easter 2022?

Starbucks new Toasted Vanilla Coffee and their Brown Sugar Coffee
Starbucks new Toasted Vanilla Coffee and their Brown Sugar Coffee /

Sometimes we just need to kickstart our day with some caffeine and a treat. And for us, that means a quick trip to the closest Starbucks location. Even on a holiday, they are our destination of choice when it comes to snagging a latte, a Frappuccino, or even a regular cup of coffee.

And with Easter upon us, you may be looking for a quick trip to Starbucks to get your own caffeine fix. But will they actually be open when we want them to be?

We did some digging and have some answers on whether or not Starbucks will be open on Easter Day. Because of course, we couldn’t resist finding out if we will be able to get an Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte and an order of their egg bites to kick start our Easter Sunday.

Will Starbucks be open on Easter Day 2022?

According to, the answer is not as easy as a straight yes or no. For the most part, many Starbucks locations will be open on April 17. One of the big exceptions is any of the cafes located in Target stores.

The reason for this is that Target is set to be closed on Easter Sunday, so that means those cafes will also be closed. Other Starbucks cafes that will be closed are those that are in office buildings that are closed.

In some cases, the only option for getting your caffeine fix will be through the drive thru. And they are reporting that locations that are open on Easter Sunday will also be operating under reduced hours.

We highly recommend checking your app to see if your closest location is open or at the very least call ahead to make sure you are able to get that cup of coffee.

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