Habit Burger Grill gives us a taste of the Caribbean with a new burger

Experience the Taste of Havana with Habit Burger’s New Cubano Char. Image Courtesy of Habit Burger
Experience the Taste of Havana with Habit Burger’s New Cubano Char. Image Courtesy of Habit Burger /

Looking for a tasty new burger? Check out the newest, limited edition burger from The Habit Burger Grill which takes us to the Caribbean.

In a press email we here at Guilty Eats received on behalf of Habit Burger, we learned that on April 20, the burger chain is bringing the flavors of one of the Caribbean’s most popular sandwiches to our taste buds. Introducing the all new, Cubano Char!

What is the Cubano Char and why are we eager to get our hands on of these next level burgers?

The Habit Burger Grill introduces us to their next big thing – The Cubano Char

According to the description we received, the Cubano Char is part of their Charburger lineup and it,

"features a crave-worthy mix of classic chargrilled flavor with flavorful Cuban-inspired additions. Handcrafted between a toasted Brioche bun, the Cubano Charburger is layered with mustard-grilled honey ham, two slices of melty cheese and zesty mustard atop The Habit’s signature seasoned chargrilled patty, giving guests a unique blend of flavors and textures all in one satisfying bite."

Sounds amazing right? We love every single bit of this description and the fact that they are bringing so many layers of flavor to the menu with this innovation. From the honey ham to the chargrilled beef patty, this sounds like a decadent burger that will satisfy any craving.

With the new Cubano Char being a limited time addition to the Habit Burger menu, we know that we need to head their as soon as possible so we can get our grub on! This won’t be around for long, and we definitely need to give this one a try before it is gone.

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What do you think Guilty Eats readers? Are you excited by this new addition to the Habit Burger menu? Will you be giving this Charburger a try for yourself? We want to know.