French’s Creamy Yellow Mustard Spreads: Your Sandwich’s New Best Friend!

French's New Creamy Mustard. Image courtesy French's
French's New Creamy Mustard. Image courtesy French's /

Memorial Day is quickly approaching and this holiday kicks off the unofficial start of summer.  Who else is ready for BBQs, picnics and pool parties? Hungry for classic summer foods? All those hot dogs and hamburgers are going to need a classic condiment to grace your summer food tables and French’s yellow mustard is the ultimate BBQ staple.

Since being introduced at the World Fair in 1904, French’s has been sharing their classic yellow mustard with the masses. Best known for their original mustard in the yellow bottle, the company has expanded their condiment line with the addition of a variety of different mustard flavors, Tomato Ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and more.

Up your mustard game with new French’s Creamy Yellow Mustard Spreads!

Mustard fans rejoice, as French’s has just released a new line of creamy yellow mustard spreads. The new line includes Classic Yellow, Apple Smokewood and Honey Chipotle flavored spreads. They are sold in bottles that are perfect for squeezing mustard right onto a sandwich.

Whether you’re making a Ham and American cheese or Turkey and Swiss, these spreads will take your sandwich game to the next level by adding unique flavors. For further inspiration, the McCormick website has recipe ideas that can help you incorporate these spreads into recipes that tantalize your taste buds. Air Fryer Chicken Wraps and Instant Pot Honey Chipotle Pulled Pork Sliders are just two of the sandwich creations you can find. I also think these mustard spreads would be great squeezed onto a warm, soft pretzel or hot knish.

Fans of French’s, in select areas, can sample the new line on Sunday, May 1st. The company has partnered with Paper Plate at Smorgasburg New York (Propsect Park) and Picnic Sandwich at Smorgasburg Los Angeles to offer local eats featuring the new creamy mustard spreads. In a press release, Jill Pratt, Chief Marketing Officer for McCormick noted,

"“We’re so excited to ‘spread’ the love of mustard across the country by partnering with Smorgasburg. The new Creamy Mustard Spreads perfectly complement any sandwich and are so versatile. Top off burgers, whisk into dressings, add to deviled eggs, or stir into potato, tuna, shrimp or egg salad. They work well as condiments and ingredients.”"

Attendees at these events can also get the chance take home a limited-edition Creamy Mustard picnic kit.

Starting today, you can head to to receive a Creamy Mustard Spreads Picnic Kit, while supplies last.  You’ll just need to look the upside-down French’s icon! These creamy mustard spreads are available in stores nationwide and start at $2.99 a bottle.

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Guilty Eaters, which flavor of French’s Creamy Yellow Mustard Spread are you most interested in trying?