Palm Bay International has the perfect bottle of wine for mom

Cavit Pinot Grigio. Image courtesy Cavit
Cavit Pinot Grigio. Image courtesy Cavit /

If you are looking to gift a bottle of wine to a special person on Mother’s Day, Palm Bay International has got you covered. The family-owned wine and spirits organization has several wine companies in their portfolio that have bottles of Italian vino produced in the Trentino region of Italy.

In fact, these would make a spectacular gift for Mother’s Day or any holiday. Check out these three highlighted wine brands below:

Gift a bottle of Palm Bay International this Mother’s Day!

Bottega Vinaia makes a Pinot Grigio that is “a medium-bodied, highly aromatic wine with distinct citrus and floral notes”.  For those that prefer a red wine, this winery also produces a Pinot Noir that “boasts aromatic notes of dried cherry, plums, and mulberries with hints of raspberry, spices and tobacco”.

Altemasi makes sparkling wines. According to a press email, “Altemasi Brut is a premium Italian sparkling wine produced in the Metodo Classico style, a high-quality process in which the second fermentation is carried out in the bottle, under the prestigious denomination TrentoDOC; a high-altitude, mountainous appellation in Northern Italy known for producing some of the finest sparkling wines in Italy and beyond”. This chardonnay is supposed to be an excellent aperitif but also pairs well with seafood and pasta.

Also produced in the Metodo Classico style, the Altemasi Riserva Graal is a Chardonnay and Pinot Noir blend. This wine has “a complex nose with hints of honey, ripe apple, and hazelnut”. This wine makes a great aperitif as well and makes a great accompaniment to most dishes.

Finally, Cavit wine is probably most well-known for its Pinot Grigio. It is “a delicate, lovely wine with floral and fruity aromas and flavors”. I personally enjoy a sweet, fizzy moscato. The Cavit Moscato, with “aromas of fresh stonefruit and white flowers” sounds delicious for both Mother’s Day and sipping throughout the summer. The Cavit Prosecco Rosé with “aromas and flavors of strawberry and raspberry with persistent bubbles and a refreshing finish” also sounds like another great wine that can be enjoyed on Mother’s Day and beyond.

Palm Bay International has wines for every taste preference. Bottega Vinaia, Altemasi and Cavit wines are all reasonably priced between $9.99 and $23.99 a bottle. The Altemasi Riserva Graal is a bit more expensive than the other bottles, at $59.99. They all sound delicious and, if not gifted for Mother’s Day, would make a nice addition to any celebratory dinner or special occasion.

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So Guilty Eaters, which one of these wines will you be picking up for Mother’s Day?