Surprise Mom With a Vinebox for Mother’s Day!

Vinebox Mother’s Day Box. Image courtesy Vinebox
Vinebox Mother’s Day Box. Image courtesy Vinebox /

Sugarwish, known for their personalized gifting experiences, has added wine to their offerings with their acquisition of Vinebox. And this means that if you want to give the gift of wine to mom this Mother’s Day, then Sugarwish has you covered.

If you are still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift, Vinebox has two different gift options that any wine loving moms will surely appreciate!

Vinebox has a special curated box for Mother’s Day!

For the first time, Vinebox is offering a special Mother’s Day box just for the holiday! It contains a curated selection of six different wines that includes two reds, three whites and a rosé.

The wines come from various prominent regions in Italy, France and Spain. They come in glass tubes, providing a tasting glass of each. This is a great way to try some new wines without committing to an entire bottle. The Mother’s Day box costs $78 and starts shipping on April 28th. Order by May 5th to ensure mom receives her gift on time!

Vinebox Wine Tasting Gift. Image courtesy Vinebox /

If you want to gift mom a more customized wine experience, Vinebox (via the Sugarwish platform) also has a Wine Tasting box. With four different size options (a small, 2 wine flight, through a deluxe, 9 wine flight), this gift fits all budgets.

Recipients of the Wine Tasting box select the wines of their choosing from over 35 different varieties. The list includes reds, whites and rosés. There’s sure to be a wine on the list for every wine preference. Since all of the wines are hand-picked, it is highly unlikely that your mom (or gift receiver, because really, this makes a fabulous gift for any wine lover!) will have already sampled any of the wines.

For those that have a hard time deciding on which wines to try, there is also an option to select a sommelier-approved experience. They can let the wine experts make the selections for them!

Like the Mother’s Day Box, the wines in this box come in glass vials, which provide enough for a tasting glass. If mom really enjoys one of the wines that she tried, a select number of bottles are available for purchase.

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So Guilty Eaters, would your mom enjoy a Vinebox gift for Mother’s Day?