TAZO makes it easy to make cafe quality drinks at home

TAZO’s Mixology Concentrates: Spice Up Your Life. Image Courtesy TAZo
TAZO’s Mixology Concentrates: Spice Up Your Life. Image Courtesy TAZo /

Want to make a cafe style (and quality) drink right at home? Want to save a little money on some of your favorite Starbucks drinks? TAZO tea has the answer.

Over the last few years, we have started to truly explore what TAZO has to offer. From their TAZO Mixology Ginger Lime Moscow Mule Mix (which was amazing both as an mocktail and a cocktail) to the TAZO Organic Tea Latte Chai Black Tea, they always deliver high quality drinks that we can count on.

And one thing they have reminded us of recently is that some of these tea concentrates that they offer are perfect for recreating some classic cafe drinks right at home. And yes, that includes a Chai Latte!

TAZO makes it easy to create cafe-worthy drinks right at home

Perhaps the biggest thing about these concentrates is the fact that they are super easy to turn into those classic drinks! (I was shocked at just how simple it was to make one of my favorite drinks at home and have it taste almost as good as what I get at Starbucks.)

According to the press email we received sharing the recipes for some classic sips these drinks are as easy as adding one or two extra liquids to the mix.

"Chai Latte: Blend up the cult classic TAZO Organic Chai Latte concentrate with the milk of your choice.Iced Passion Lemonade: Combine equal parts of TAZO’s ready to drink Organic Passion Iced Tea with lemonade for a refreshing treat.Vanilla Bean Latte or Vanilla Caramel Chai Latte: If you’ve been obsessing over the new shaken espresso beverages but prefer tea to coffee, combine TAZO Vanilla Bean Macaron or TAZO Vanilla Caramel Chai with the milk of your choice."

Seriously, can it get any easier than that? I would say the answer to this is absolutely not.

And at least when it comes to the Iced Passion Lemonade, this was truly a winner in terms of flavor and just how much of a “copycat” it turned out to be!

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But we want to know what you think. Are you a TAZO tea drinker? Have you tried their concentrates yet? Have you made any special drinks with these mixes? What was it? Let us know in the comments below.