Celebrate Cinco de Mayo With One of These Ready To Drink Cocktails!

Spice Up your Cinco De Mayo with sipMARGS. Photo Credit: sipMARGS
Spice Up your Cinco De Mayo with sipMARGS. Photo Credit: sipMARGS /

Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching. There’s no better way to celebrate than with a fun and tasty beverage! Instead of one, how about four different ready to drink cocktails that should be on your radar.

They are all fruity, canned beverages that can be enjoyed on May 5th and all summer long!

Enjoy one of these ready to drink cocktails on Cinco de Mayo!

Monaco Cocktails:

Monaco Cocktails is a ready to drink canned cocktail line that has been making their beverages since 2012. Their canned cocktails have two shots of liquor in every can and are made with the finest ingredients. Their craft cocktail line includes Moscow Mule, Classic Mai Tai, Kentucky Mule. They also make Monaco Vodka Soda in Tropical and Lemon Lime flavors. This  “anti-cocktail” mixes Monaco Vodka with sparkling soda water and other natural flavors.

However, the drink that you’ll want to be sipping on Cinco de Mayo is their new Watermelon Crush. This is the newest flavor in their tequila-based cocktail line, which also includes Lime Crush and Sun Crush. Enjoy the combination of fresh watermelon and agave tequila in a fruity cocktail! The 12 ounce cans have 9% ABV and retail between $2.50 to $2.99 a can.


sipMARGS is a ready to drink canned margarita. With flavors like classic, coconut, mango and mezcal, these are beverages that will cool you off on hot summer days. The margaritas are made with top-quality tequila and are low calorie, low sugar and low carbs.

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, they have debuted their newest flavor, Spicy. In a recent press release, Spicy was noted as bringing, “notes of passionfruit, yuzu and jalapeno for a unique, great taste and a peppery zing to awaken the senses, perfect for any fiesta!”

sipMARGS is available for purchase online in a 16-pack for $49.99 and in select stores in Florida, New Jersey and New York.


A new ready to drink cocktail to the market is SoutNorte. This San Diego beverage company first started out making Mexican-inspired beer. Inspired by his time in Baja, Brewmaster Ryan Brooks has created beers with names like Sea Chelada, Agavemente and Sea-Reina that are both fun and tasty!

Their new cocktail line is also inspired by the flavors of Mexico and includes three different flavors: Mexican Mule, Paloma and Matador. They are all tequila-based cocktails with lime. The Mexican Mule is mixed with ginger beer, the Paloma is mixed with grapefruit and the Matador is mixed with pineapple.

These cocktails are 7% ABV and come in a 4 pack of 12 ounce cans. They will soon be available for purchase online and at select retailers.

Sparkling Ice Spiked:

Sparkling Ice first created a fan base with their flavored sparkling water. The popular zero sugar sparkling water now includes seventeen different flavors. The company then created the Sparkling Ice + Caffeine line with caffeine infused water.

In November 2020, Sparkling Ice joined the hard seltzer market and introduced Sparkling Ice Spiked. The line currently has four flavors: Cherry Lime Chiller, Lemonade Refresher, Ruby Fizz and Strawberry Citrus Smash.

Most recently, the company created Sparkling Ice Spiked Cocktails. These hard seltzer cocktails come in two flavors: Mango Mojito and Strawberry Margarita, both of which are perfect for sipping on Cinco de Mayo. They are 6% ABV with zero sugar and only 120 calories. You can check their store locator to see where you can purchase these beverages.

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So Guilty Eaters, which of these ready to drink cocktails are you looking forward to sipping on Cinco de Mayo?