SusieCakes is taking the magic of their celebration cakes nationwide

SusieCakes. Image courtesy SusieCakes
SusieCakes. Image courtesy SusieCakes /

If you haven’t been to California or Texas, you may not have heard of SusieCakes, a much-loved bakery known for such treats as their Celebration Cakes. What makes these baked goodies so special is that they are made with simple ingredients that might have been found in our grandma’s pantry. In many ways, these baked goods are inspired as much by simplicity as they are deliciousness.

And while SusieCakes might have originated in California before making their way to Texas, they are now making sure that people anywhere in the country can get a little slice of sweetness in their life.

According to the press email we received on behalf of SusieCakes, we learned that the brand “is now reaching fans nationwide with new national shipping of their famous Celebration Cakes.” That’s right! Celebration Cakes can now be ordered for delivery.

SusieCakes is now delivering their Celebration Cakes across the country

Susie Cakes
SusieCakes. Image courtesy SusieCakes /

Obviously if you have never been to a SusieCakes location, you may not know much about their Celebration Cakes. But these cakes are available in two flavors and are 6-layer cakes that feature cake, frosting, and sugar confetti in fun colors.

There is an Old-Fashioned Chocolate Cake that is enrobed in a dark chocolate frosting (yes it is a buttercream frosting). And the other cake is the Vanilla Cake! The vanilla cake a confetti filled vanilla cakes layered and covered in a vanilla buttercream that is a retro-blue shade. The cake is then topped with another sprinkling of sugar confetti.

The cake arrives at your door well packaged with dry ice to keep your cake fresh. You will want to either freeze your cake until the day before you are enjoying the cake or put it straight into the refrigerator. Make sure you take the cake out of its plastic and cardboard and let it sit for about four hours so that it is allowed to hit room temperature.

We had the chance to get the vanilla Celebration Cake delivered to our door and we enjoyed a slice straight out of the fridge and one that had been allowed to sit for two hours (listen, four hours is just too long for us to withstand the deliciousness that was tempting us!). And I will definitely say that while the cake was tasty even straight out of the fridge, allowing it to warm up a bit was actually a much more satisfying experience.

No matter how you eat your SusieCakes Celebration Cake, these are stunning to look at and amazing to eat. This cake is a celebration in a box and we are so excited to have this be an option to have delivered for birthdays, holidays, and special occasions.

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But we want to know your thoughts on the brand delivering to your door. Have you tried SusieCakes yet? Will you be ordering a Celebration Cake for delivery?