Bar Rescue season 8 episode 21 sneak peek: AJ’s On The River

Bar Rescue Gallery, photo courtesy Paramount Network
Bar Rescue Gallery, photo courtesy Paramount Network /

Foodies are more than ready for Sunday’s all-new episode of Bar RescueNeed a sneak peek to hype you up? Check out Guilty Eat’s exclusive clip, below!

This season of Bar Rescue has featured it all! Heartwarming stories, tear jerkers, and straight up fails. And, to be honest, we have no preference! There’s something to enjoy from each story. One thing’s for sure, it’s Jon Taffer who makes the series so entertaining.

Bar Rescue season 8 episode 21 sneak peek

Tonight’s episode, titled “Rescue on the River,” will see a riverside bar in Florida. The restaurant is struggling to keep its doors open as business is less than blooming. The owner used his savings to open the bar, but he has no experience whatsoever. Talk about this being easier said than done! Not to mention, his staff would rather mingle and have fun than work or memorize the menu, which is already a little crazy.

Here’s the sneak peek for Bar Rescue season 8 episode 21: 

As always, Jon Taffer has his work cut out for him! But if Jerry Clark and his staff listen to Taffer’s advice, they should be fine. But, that doesn’t always happen, does it?

Another problem I notice is that Clark’s son was hired to manage the place, and from what we see in the clip, it doesn’t seem to help that Patrick has some experience. And you know what they say, family and business don’t always go together. Did you also catch that $125 thousand dollars in debt? Yikes!

Bar Rescue season 8 episode 21, “Rescue on the River,” premieres at 10 p.m. ET only on the Paramount Network. Can’t watch the episode as it airs on the network? Stream it on Paramount+ (as well as previous episodes) or on Hulu the next day.

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