Whole Foods brings back their week of savings on Rosé Wines

Whole Foods Summer Rosé Sale. Image courtesy Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Summer Rosé Sale. Image courtesy Whole Foods Market /

If you love wine and are looking to save some money, then look no further than the annual week of savings on Rosé Wines at Whole Foods.

When it comes to snagging a delicious bottle of wine, we don’t always think of Whole Foods right off the bat (or at least I never have). But for the last few years, they have been changing the way I think about wine thanks to their wide variety of wine choices and the sales that they run throughout the year.

And as we head into the final days of May, one sale is back on the table at Whole Foods. That’s right, their annual weeklong Rosé Wines sale is back and just as amazing as ever.

So what makes the 2022 Rosé Wines sale so amazing?

Whole Foods is offering a week of savings on their Rosé Wines

According to the press email we received,

"From May 25 – 31, customers can enjoy 20% off all rosé wines at Whole Foods Market."

That’s right! The savings is on all of their Rosé Wines! So no matter what brand you might be considering, you will get a chance to save 20 percent off.

And while in the past there may have been limits on which brands or varieties of Rosé Wine you could choose from, this year, the possibilities seem endless.

Of course, there are a few things to note when it comes to this offer. Not only is this sale only good from May 25 until May 31, but there are quantity limits that apply to your purchase. As a more positive note this is also,

"Available on Whole Foods Market on Amazon where alcohol delivery is legal."

So if you are looking to stock up on Rosé Wines as we head into the summer, now is definitely the time to do so. With this sale, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank, maybe just worry about where all the wine is going!

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What do you think fellow Whole Foods fans? Are we stocking up on wine with this sale?