What’s open and closed on Memorial Day 2022? (May 30)

A Popeye's fast food restaurant with drive thru has been approved for Route 1 south in South Brunswick.Popeyes 20
A Popeye's fast food restaurant with drive thru has been approved for Route 1 south in South Brunswick.Popeyes 20 /

As much as we love holidays, whether we enjoy participating or simply like having the day off work, holidays may also change the operation hours of our favorite locations. Some businesses are not even open on holidays. That said, we’ve put together a quick and handy list of what’s open and closed on Memorial Day 2022.

Those in America take Memorial Day to observe the bold and brave who have died serving the military. These are our heroes who selflessly defended their country. Many of us don’t have to work on this day, but some do. Thanks to Holiday Shopping Hours, our trusted and go-to source for what’s open and when, here’s what we know about where you can (and can’t) go today.

What’s open on Memorial Day 2022?

Bars: If you are in need of a drink or two, all bars and clubs (for the most part) are open today. Please drink responsibly.

Restaurants and fast food locations: If it’s a chain fast food or restaurant, it’s open and following regular hours of operation. In fact, there are many restaurants who offer free or discounted meals to veterans and active military service members.

Convenience stores: Need to quickly pick up something you forgot? Your local convenience stores is open and ready to help out! This also includes pharmacies.

Grocery stores: Is the thing you forgot to get a cart of groceries? Well, you’re in luck! Major grocery store chains are open.

Movie theaters: If you’re off work today, it’s your chance to catch up on movies! Movie theaters are open today, and are open during any holiday.

What’s closed on Memorial Day 2022?

Banks: Need to deposit a check or waiting for your pay to come in? Keep on waiting! All banks are closed on Memorial Day.

Government offices: Don’t count on any federal, state, county, or city agencies, Holiday Shopping Hours warns.

Post office: Waiting on a package? Keep on waiting! The post office is closed until Tuesday.

Schools: Most schools have started summer vacation, but if you’re still waiting for the last day of school to arrive, you at least have this one off!

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