Strawberries have been recalled due to Hepatitis A concerns

Summer is here and with it comes one of our favorite fruits to snack on, the juicy strawberry. But unfortunately, there is currently a recall on strawberries.

According to NBC News, in the United States there are currently 17 confirmed cases of Hepatitis A associated with contaminated strawberries. And that does not include the confirmed cases in Canada, which are currently sitting at 10.

While those numbers might not seem excessive, it is still a major concern and one that is being investigated at this time. Of course, the strawberries in question are now past their shelf life, since they were actually sold between March 5 and April 25, however there is a concern for anyone who may have picked up a bad batch and frozen it for future use.

Considering we are big fans of adding fresh strawberries to smoothies and even milkshakes, it is not a big stretch to think that people might have snagged a container of the berries to use in the same ways.

There is currently a recall on strawberries over Hepatitis A concerns

According to the reports about this recall,

The traceback investigations show that cases in California, Minnesota, and Canada report having purchased fresh organic strawberries branded as FreshKampo or HEB prior to becoming ill.

The FDA is saying that this is an ongoing investigation and they are advising people not to serve, eat, or sell the organic strawberries branded by HEB or FreshKampo that were found between March 5 and April 25. Berries would have been sold at stores such as ALDI, Walmart, Kroger, HEB, Trader Joe’s, Weis Markets, and Sprouts Farmers Market.

So while you may not have these berries as fresh berries in the house anymore, if you did pick some up and freeze them, we definitely recommend disposing of them and anything you may have made with them.

Are you paying attention to the recall news about peanut butter or strawberries? Have you been impacted by any recalls?