Which Rosé Wines are we sipping on this summer?

The Sunset Rose made with Whispering Angel and Belvedere Vodka. Image courtesy of Whispering Angel
The Sunset Rose made with Whispering Angel and Belvedere Vodka. Image courtesy of Whispering Angel /

Is there anything better than a chilled glass of wine for your summer sipping? How about enjoying a crisp glass of Rosé wine? We have some ideas for you if you are looking for some summer sipping inspiration.

In honor of National Rosé Day on June 11, we tried a number of brands and bottles of Rosé wine. And while we now have way more bottles of open wine than we know what to do with (besides sipping it all ourselves), we definitely have some suggestions for what to enjoy this summer.

So which of these gorgeous pink wines are we keeping on hand right now? And what is the best way to enjoy them this summer?

Enjoy Rosé Wines this summer with the help of these brands

The best-selling rosé in the US, Whispering Angels’ sophisticated yet uncomplicated style is credited with launching a “rosé Renaissance” 15+ years ago. The fruit-forward, creamy palate is balanced with a crisp acidity and notes of red berries, florals and discreet hint of spice. Image courtesy of Whispering Angel /
  • Whispering Angel – Looking for an amazing wine that has already proven itself? Then you will definitely want to snag a bottle of Whispering Angel, a pink wine that has hints of spice and notes of berries and even light florals. It is also the perfect bottle of wine to create a special cocktail. In fact, there is one they recommend themselves, which is the Sunset Rose.

How to make a Sunset Rose:

What you need:

  • 3 ounces of Whispering Angel wine
  • 1/2 ounce of lime juice
  • 1 1/2 ounces of Belvedere Vodka (this is the recommended vodka brand and we love it too)
  • 1/4 ounce of honey water
  • 3 blackberries

What to do:

In a shaker, muddle the three blackberries. Add the rest of your ingredients to the shaker except for the Whispering Angel. Add ice and shake it all together. Strain the mix over a fresh glass of ice and top with the Rosé. Garnish with a sprig of mint (we also added some fresh blackberries to ours).

  • [ yellow tail ] Rosé – Perhaps one of the more affordable bottles of Rosé on the market at $7, it is also an amazing sip every single time. With fruity notes of strawberries, cherries, and even a hint of melon, this wine is that perfect blend of crisp and sweet that we can’t resist. It is perfect for next level Sangrias and of course just enjoying as a chilled glass after a long day.
  • Cavit Rosé – If you want a wine that never disappoints, look no further than Cavit Wines. And with their take on Rosé, we once again get an amazing bottle of wine that takes any meal to the next level.
  • La Marca Prosecco Rosé – If you love a little sparkle in your wine then this is definitely the one for you. We have loved all of the pink wines so far, but thanks to La Marca we are getting something next level and that is because it sparkles. It’s perfect for summer sipping, celebration sipping, and even making fun summer cocktails. It’s a crisp sip that gives us notes of berries and citrus with the bubbles we love in a classic Prosecco. It’s a winner and we are loving it.

Honestly with so any wines on the market, we can’t help but think it can be hard to pick the perfect bottle. But hopefully this will inspire your next pickup, whether you are a pink wine lover or you prefer something a little different.

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