It’s a MTN DEW summer and we are here for the delicious ride

MTN DEW is kicking off 2022 with a SPARK
MTN DEW is kicking off 2022 with a SPARK /

Has anyone else noticed that MTN DEW has taken over summer 2022? With new releases and even relaunches of some fan favorite drink flavors seemingly every week, they are going all out this year to make this the most memorable year yet for the brand.

From the MTN DEW outpost, which opened on June 4 with “six never-released flavors from the PepsiCo vault,” to the arrival of special partnerships and releases, this is truly the season of the DEW. But the real question on people’s minds might just be whether or not these releases and events are living up to all the hype.

And hands down we have to say a resounding yes! Honestly, we here at Guilty Eats have been lucky enough to try a number of these new and limited edition flavors and we definitely have some favorites. (Are there some that have us scratching our heads and asking why? Of course there are those too.)

So which of the special MTN DEW flavors of 2022 are our favorites? And which do we think everyone needs to sip this summer?

MTN DEW makes summer sipping an adventure in 2022

Up first, we can’t help but point out the return of a fan favorite that we are thrilled to have back in stores (even if it is only around for a limited time). And that fan favorite is none other than the MTN DEW Baja Blast! And joining the Baja Blast was the Zero Sugar variety, as well as two new flavors – the Baja Gold and the Baja Mango Gem. It’s a Baja Summer for sure!

MTN DEW Typhoon is another flavor launched this season that has been taking our taste buds for a ride. In fact, this tropical take on our classic soda has us hoping that this sticks around permanently (and not just as part of the MTN DEW Store as an exclusive for HQ members). It is packed with flavor and super refreshing.

A Circle K exclusive, Purple Thunder was not only a beautiful sip in a bottle, it was also delicious. This was a shock to the taste buds, with the plum and blackberry working perfectly together to give us a MTN DEW that takes the classic flavor to a whole new level of amazing.

The MTN DEW Flamin’ Hot was definitely one of those flavors that we had to try at least once, but we are still questioning our sanity over. While this one was not a winner for us, it was definitely an experience that hardcore DEW fans should experience at least once. It’s definitely a unique sip, but not one we are going back for more of.

Finally, we have the MTN DEW Spark! And this is by far our absolute favorite of the newly released or re-released flavors. It may have something to do with the fact that this flavor is all about taking a classic Raspberry Lemonade to the next level. And it truly does that. This was by far one of those flavors that we wanted more of and it has us stocking our fridge up with all the cans and bottles.

Of course, these are not the only flavors that have or will be dropped this year, but at this point, these are definitely the ones that have made the biggest impact in what we are calling the season of the DEW.

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What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are we sipping on MTN DEW this summer? Are we excited for all of the new and returning flavors? What’s your favorite?