Auntie Anne’s introduces new summer drinks with a Fourth of July deal

Sip on Summer with Auntie Anne’s NEW Beverage Menu. Image courtesy of Auntie Anne's
Sip on Summer with Auntie Anne’s NEW Beverage Menu. Image courtesy of Auntie Anne's /

Recently, Auntie Anne’s introduced three new drinks that will keep us refreshed and coming back for more this summer. And now they are offering the perfect deal to get us to try these new additions to their summer menu.

Just in time for the Fourth of July weekend, Auntie Anne’s is offering a deal that will not only inspire you to try one of the new beverages, but will also give us one of our favorite things ever – either an original soft pretzel or one of their cinnamon sugar pretzels.

But before we get into the deal, let’s talk about the new drinks.

Auntie Anne’s releases three new Dragon fruit Mango drinks for summer sipping

The three new drinks for summer are:

"NEW! Dragonfruit Mango Frost: combines real dragonfruit and mango puree with Auntie Anne’s signature Original Frozen Lemonade and served over real whipped cream then topped with more whipped cream and pink sprinkles for a mouth-watering, light, and sweet tropical sip.NEW! Dragonfruit Mango Frozen Lemonade: blends real dragonfruit and mango puree into classic Auntie Anne’s Original Frozen Lemonade for a delicious frozen flavor.NEW! Dragonfruit Mango Lemonade Mixer: swirls real dragonfruit and mango flavor into Auntie Anne’s Original Lemonade for a perfectly balanced tart and sweet sip."

All three of these drinks sound absolutely amazing and refreshing. Of course, we absolutely need to get our hands on the Dragonfruit Mango Lemonade Mixer, as we love Auntie Anne’s classic lemonade, so taking that to the next level just means more to love and enjoy.

And whether you have already tried one (or all) of these drinks or you haven’t but you want to, Auntie Anne’s has the perfect way to get us to our closest pretzel stand. With the help of a special deal over the Fourth of July weekend, our favorite pretzel slingers will have us trying something new and treating us with something we already love.

So what is the deal?

According to the press email we received on behalf of the company,

From July 1 until July 4, Pretzel Perks members can purchase any of the three new Dragonfruit Mango drinks and they can get themselves a free pretzel (original or the cinnamon sugar of course). In order to get your freebie, you will need to redeem the deal in the Auntie Anne’s Pretzel Perks app.

While this deal is limited to one deal per person, it is definitely a great way to try something new and maybe find the perfect summer sip.

What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are we excited for new drinks and a deal that snags us a free pretzel? Let us know below.

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