Skrewball gets canned for convenience on-the-go

Skrewball is releasing its new first-to-market 100ml cans. Image courtesy of Skrewball
Skrewball is releasing its new first-to-market 100ml cans. Image courtesy of Skrewball /

In words we never thought we would write, Skrewball, has an exciting announcement. They’re bringing their peanut butter whiskey to the canned market this summer.

That’s right, it’s not just bottles of Skrewball we can snag in stores. Now, there will be perfectly portable cans of this tasty peanut butter whiskey.

We are talking about 100ml cans that offer not one, but two shots of the whiskey in a convenient container that is perfect for throwing in your beach bag or for taking to that party without having to bring the entire glass bottle. According to the press release from Skrewball Whiskey,

"Debuting just in time for the summer, Skrewball Whiskey’s 100ml size boasts the same smooth and nutty flavor consumers love from the brand in a refreshing and convenient format that can be sipped by the pool, at a backyard barbecue, on the beach or anywhere in between. Sold by the can, the new offering is best consumed chilled."

Skrewball Whiskey enters the canned market with 100ml cans of their peanut butter whiskey

If you have ever hit a party with an entire bottle of alcohol that ended up barely being consumed or with at least half of a bottle left behind, you know what a pain that can be. But with a canned version of this amazing whiskey, you can take what you actually need (or want) and not have to worry about wasting anything or traveling with an open bottle.

For us, we love the fact that these tiny cans are perfect for hitting the beach or a perfect pool party. They are great for creating individual cocktails or even cocktails for two, because instead of having to open an entire bottle, you can pop open a can and whip up any number of delicious drinks or shots. (One of our favorites is the Peanut Butter and Jelly Shot using the Skrewball and Chambord to make a PB&J delight.)

According to the co-founder of Skrewball, Brittany Merrill Yeng,

"As the 100ml can presents new lifestyle options, we’re excited to welcome more members to our Skrewball family. This new addition to our lineup is another step in the development of not only our company, but our community."

Considering how popular the canned ready-to-drink market really is, it makes sense that the premium brand of flavored whiskey would want to jump into the game with their highly drinkable whiskey.

It’s all about the convenience and we are definitely not mad at that. But we want to know what you think. Do you think tiny cans of Skrewball Whiskey are the way to go?

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