The Great American Recipe Preview: Our first look at Episode 2 “The Daily Dish”

The Great American Recipe. Credit: Courtesy of PBS/VPM
The Great American Recipe. Credit: Courtesy of PBS/VPM /

The Great American Recipe is underway on PBS and we are getting a first look at the action we expect to see in episode two, “The Daily Dish.” And in this clip, the focus is on Tony, who kicked things off in the first episode by giving the judges a taco dish that was called “darn good” by Tiffany Derry.

As we can see from this first look, Tony is once again breaking out the tacos. Although this time around, he is making a very different (and hotter) take on this dish. Considering his signature dish is Korean Gochujang Chicken Tacos with Kimchi, we are definitely not surprised to see tacos hitting the plate for him again.

However, unlike in week one, this week’s tacos are all about bringing the heat, something that the judges did comment on with his previous offering.

What we are loving about this first look is the fact that it is clear that even though this is a competition, it is also a group of people who are becoming friends and they want to see everyone do well. Why do we say this? Because Tony turns to Silvia to get her to taste the sauce he is using on his taco meat and in doing so, he calls her the “Mexican mother.” It was such a sweet moment of camaraderie and we can’t help but love it.

Tony gives us a whole new take on his tacos in this first look at episode 2 of The Great American Recipe

And that wasn’t even the only moment where we saw that family feel that makes this show so special. Even Silvia pointed out that while this was a competition, it was also a family.

Of course, this is just a small preview of what we can expect to see in “The Daily Dish,” and that can only mean that we can expect even more of that cozy, family vibe we love, with a dash of spicy competition heat.

This may be a cooking competition, but it is also a group of home chefs showing the world their love of food. And that can be a very special experience in itself.

But we want you to see for yourself how Tony is bringing his own flair to tacos. Check out this clip from episode 2 of The Great American Recipe:

What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are you excited for “The Daily Dish?”

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