Lucky Charms introduces limited-edition Magic Gems cereal

Lucky Charms is already “magically delicious” with the crunchy cereal pieces and the cute little marshmallows, but the brand is coming out with a new limited-edition cereal that will make the cereal a little bit more special.

The Lucky Charms Magic Gems cereal is the newest edition to the Lucky Charms collection of cereals and as the name suggests, it includes Magical Gems in each box.

According to the lore, the magical gems have been hiding in a goblin den for centuries and hold the power of “rainbow vision.” The gems help anyone who finds themselves in the dark to navigate their way out. Considering the past few years, those gems could definitely come in handy.

The gems AKA marshmallows are shaped like diamonds and are covered with rainbow speckles. They look like a great addition to the rainbows, balloons, hearts, moons, stars, horseshoes, unicorns (when did they add unicorns??), and clovers.

Lucky Charms bringing new magic gem cereal

Who doesn’t want some extra rainbow color in their cereal each morning? Kids are sure to love it but let’s be real. Adults who are still eating this fun sugary are sure to love it as well.

A few boxes of the cereal are available now if you can find them in select stores nationwide but will be available everywhere in the next few months. That being said, if you’re interested in a box, when you find one, make sure you grab it while you can. Once it’s off the shelves, it is unlikely to come back. Unless the new cereal is wildly popular, this is likely a one-time thing.

Besides this new cereal, the Lucky Charms collection also includes Chocolate Lucky Charms, Lucky Charms with Honey Clovers, and the last addition to the line, Lucky Charms with Marshmallow Clusters.

What do you think of this new cereal? Will you be looking for a box? Let us know in the comments below!