Whataburger adds two new chicken sandwiches to the menu for summer 2022

Peppercorn Ranch Chicken Clubs as part of new limited edition menu. Image courtesy of Whataburger
Peppercorn Ranch Chicken Clubs as part of new limited edition menu. Image courtesy of Whataburger /

Forget the chicken sandwich wars of days gone by, Whataburger is making chicken magic happen with their two new additions to the summer menu. And considering they already deliver some amazing (and iconic) chicken sandwiches, it is not surprising that their latest offerings have us ready to hit the drive thru for a late night meal, lunch, or just a snack.

So what are the new chicken sandwiches?

According to a press release from Whataburger, we are looking at two versions of the Whataburger Peppercorn Ranch Chicken Club. What does this mean? It means one is a grilled version and one uses a fried chicken filet.

"This limited-time offering features your choice of premium Grilled Chicken or Whatachick’n filet topped with crisp, smoky bacon, melty Monterrey Jack cheese, Whataburger’s own Peppercorn Ranch sauce, crisp leaf lettuce and fresh-cut tomato slices served on Texas toast."

Whataburger introduces two takes on Peppercorn Ranch Chicken Club Sandwiches

Both sandwiches sound amazing and if you have ever had one of their Whatachick’n filets, then you already know how good they really are. And with these flavors coming together, this is sure to become an instant fan favorite!

According to the Chief Marketing Officer and Executive VP of Whataburger, Rich Scheffler,

"Whataburger’s Peppercorn Ranch Chicken Club sandwiches deliver a flavor combination that our fans will love. The quality and freshness of the ingredients paired with the unique flavor of the Peppercorn Ranch sauce makes for an unforgettable meal."

We can’t help but agree that fans of the brand will love these new offerings. Not only do they offer classic flavors combined together, but how can you say no to a Peppercorn Ranch sauce. (Honestly, we can’t and we don’t want to!)

But we want to know what you think of these new additions to the Whataburger menu fellow Guilty Eaters. Will you be trying either of these chicken sandwiches? Which one are you most likely to order – grilled or the Whatachick’n filet? Let us know in the comments below.

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