National Fry Day: Google Trends reveals some interesting facts about fries

BEIJING, CHINA - 2016/09/27: Fried chips of McDonald's. (Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images)
BEIJING, CHINA - 2016/09/27: Fried chips of McDonald's. (Photo by Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

When it comes to interesting facts and data, Google Trends is the place to find all the things. And for National Fry Day, which happens to fall on July 13, we have some really cool fries facts.

We love fries. And for us, some of the best come from McDonald’s (as long as they are hot, fresh, and perfectly salted of course). And while there are certainly other chains that have good fries, for us when McDonald’s is on their game, they are definitely the best of the best.

But is that what Google Trends says? Do they agree with us about the magic that is a hot and fresh order of McDonald’s French fries? Honestly? We have no clue because for this National Fry Day it was less about the chains that make the fries and more about the searches we have for what we want to eat as fries. So what else do they have to say about one of our favorite guilty eats, the mighty fry?

Google Trends spits facts when it comes to fries on National Fry Day

Google Trends
National French Fry Day (7/13) Trends from Google. Image courtesy of Google Trends /

First, let’s dive into the most searched for types of fries in 2022 according to Google Trends.

  1. Sweet Potato Fries (We do love a good sweet potato fry, and we really wish more places offered them.)
  2. Steak Frites
  3. Truffle Fries (The first time we had a plate of these we fell in love.)
  4. Carne Asada Fries
  5. Home Fries (You can never go wrong with some old-fashioned home fries.)

Speaking of searching for fries, how about we look to Google Trends for the most searched for recipes for making your own fries at home.

  1. Home Fries
  2. Potato Wedges (You would think these would be easy enough. You’d be wrong.)
  3. Sweet Potato Fries
  4. Steak Fries
  5. Loaded Fries (This is an interesting one because it seems like this one would be easy enough, but honestly, creating the perfect fries is never easy.)

When it comes to dipping those fries, you might think that ketchup was the queen bee of the condiments, but actually, we think this year there are other dips and sauces that are reigning supreme. And according to Google Trends, the most searched for sauces for those fries happens to be:

  1. Cheese Sauce (We wholeheartedly approve of this one!)
  2. Tartar Sauce (SAY WHAT?! We have questions people!!!)
  3. Tzatziki (We love Tzatziki sauce and never thought to dip our fries in it! So yes, we are mind-blown.)
  4. Hollandaise Sauce
  5. Teriyaki (Not what we expected, but okay.)

And if you are wondering which states are searching for fries the most, have no fear because you are not alone. We too have that question. Luckily, Google Trends had the answer. The state that has searched the most for fries is none other than Nevada. And they are closely followed by both Utah and Rhode Island.

Now I don’t know about you, but I am all about learning interesting foodie facts. And digging deeper into what people are searching for when it comes to their appreciation of all things fries is definitely one of those things we appreciate learning more about.

But what do you think of this data? Does any of it surprise you? And what are your favorite fries?

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