It’s Grinchmas in July with the help of International Delight

International Delight Rolls Out Three Grinch-Themed Holiday Creamers. Image courtesy of International Delight
International Delight Rolls Out Three Grinch-Themed Holiday Creamers. Image courtesy of International Delight /

Forget Christmas in July, it is officially Grinchmas in July thanks to International Delight! That’s because The Grinch is taking over select coffee creamer bottles.

And yes, those bottles of creamer are in fact Christmas themed. Not only are they bringing back two classic Christmas flavors of coffee creamer, but they are even introducing a brand new flavor to get us into a festive mindset.

While it may only be July and Pumpkin Spice everything season hasn’t even officially begun, International Delight is making sure that the holidays are here already. And we are not mad at that!

As someone who grew up in the hometown of Dr. Seuss, all things Seussical have been a part of my life forever (I have walked on Mulberry St. and I have been to the garden dedicated to the author), so the fact that International Delight chose The Grinch to be their holiday mascot in 2022 is giving me life. With these three creamers, we are getting all the nostalgic feels of The Grinch and Max stealing Christmas before his heart grew three sizes in his chest.

But enough about the nostalgia of it all. The big question revolves around what the holiday creamer flavors are?

International Delight channels Dr. Seuss and The Grinch for three Christmas flavors

The two returning flavors, each in their own lovely Grinch-themed packaging, are the Frosted Sugar Cookie and the Peppermint Mocha. And since both of these flavors have been holiday staples, we feel like you already know all about the magic of these coffee creamers.

So what is the new flavor joining the holiday party? Well that would be the new Gingerbread Cookie Dough! According to the press email we received,

"The newest flavor tastes of sweet buttery dough with brown sugar and hints of ginger and cinnamon. It’s just like eating batter out of the bowl!"

Sounds amazing right? Well it is! Because yes, we have already gotten a bottle of this thanks to International Delight and it was just as Christmas-y as you would expect it to be. It really does give us all the gingerbread cookie vibes but with that unique flavor that only an uncooked dough can offer. It’s perfect and exactly what we hoped it would be.

And yes, the returning flavors are just as delicious as we remembered them to be too.

So if you are looking to get a little bit festive in July or want to be a bit Grinchy, then these coffee creamers might just be the answer!

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