The Great American Recipe gives us a “Party on a Plate” in Episode 5

The Great American Recipe. Courtesy of PBS/VPM
The Great American Recipe. Courtesy of PBS/VPM /

We are already down to just six home cooks left on The Great American Recipe. And that means it is time for a party (on a plate that is).

For the first challenge of the night on The Great American Recipe, they have 60 minutes to make a dish that reminds the cooks of a special occasion. This is a dish that brings everyone together. It’s the perfect dish for friends and family.

So which cooks stood out to us right away? Right of the bat we loved Dan’s dish, which was a Stuffed Veal Chop with Spinach. (Stuffing it with prosciutto, mozzarella, and Parmesan cheese was enough to convince us we needed these in our life.) Then there was Tony’s dish, which was a Beef Bulgogi with Pickled Vegetables. Finally, the other dish that had us ready for a party in this first round was Foo’s dish, which was Bò Lúc Låc Shaking Beef. (We may not be able to do soy sauce, but we still think dish sounded like a winner too.)

All around, there were some beautiful plates presented, and some amazing sounding dishes. Overall, the comments were definitely on the positive side.

The Great American Recipe is all about the dishes that represent celebrations in Episode 5

And after the judges did their walk around, trying dishes, and offering up their thoughts on what the cooks created, which dishes came out on top for this round? For this round, the two cooks who made the best dishes were Robin and Silvia.

For the second round, it’s about making a single dish that honors a favorite holiday moment.  But this time, they are feeding not only the judges, but also the top six cooks, and they have two hours to make it happen. It’s “the ultimate holiday celebration.”

So what does this mean for this round of dishes? It means that we honesty wanted to try all six dishes. But which ones stood out for us this time? The first dish that we were here for came from Foo and was a Calamari Mango Salad and it’s traditionally a Christmas dish. (And we loved how Tony ran over to help Foo with his prep work.) Then there was Silvia’s Stuffed Poblano Peppers, which she explained was an Independence Day dish for her family. Finally, Dan made Italian Christmas Cookies. (And this one was truly all about the nostalgia for us on a personal level.)

With so many amazing holiday dishes, which cooks made the judges favorites? Dan’s cookies were a win, as was Foo’s salad! But the most successful cook of the night was Foo.

Sadly, with the highs we have the lows. So which cooks were in the bottom? Tony and Robin ended up with the least successful dishes of the night.

Ultimately, the cook who went home was Tony. And while we are sad to see him leave The Great American Recipe, we loved all that we got to see from him.

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