Home Chef partners with FitMenCook for a special delivery

The Home Chef x FitMenCook meal kits collaboration. Image courtesy Home Chef
The Home Chef x FitMenCook meal kits collaboration. Image courtesy Home Chef /

When it comes to meal delivery services, Home Chef is definitely one of our favorites thanks to their ability to bring the flavors and the variety. It also helps that they like to keep things fresh.

Whether Home Chef is giving us trendy meals that taste great or collaborating with chefs to bring their flair to the table, they know what people want when it comes to creating dishes at home that they don’t even have to think about. And their latest collaboration is one that is all about continuing that trend of fresh and delicious meals, while also shining a spotlight on seasonal offerings.

Introducing the very special (and limited time) meal kit brought to us by FitMenCook in collaboration with Home Chef. And if you are unfamiliar with FitMenCook, it was created by cookbook author, creator, and home cook Kevin Curry.

As an added bonus to these meals being fresh and seasonal, they are also quick and easy. In fact, they are said to be 15-minute meals, which means it won’t require hours in the kitchen to make dinner magic happen. Of course, if you actually want to try these meals, you only have from now until August 5 to actually get them delivered to your door.

Home Chef partnered with FitMenCook for a delicious, time-saving group of meals

Home Chef
The Home Chef x FitMenCook meal kits collaboration. Image courtesy Home Chef /

So what are the meals that Curry created as part of his partnership with Home Chef?

  • Smoky Chipotle Chicken Tacos (You can never go wrong with tacos as a meal and these actually do take just 15 minutes.)
  • Stuffed Chicken Parmesan (This is the one I am the most excited for because chicken parmesan is such a classic meal. But, we don’t think this will take only 15 minutes to cook.)
  • Beef Egg Roll Rice Bowl (This is the other dish that says it will take just 15 minutes to make.)
  • Enchilada Turkey Meatloaf (We are also excited by this dish because it sounds both unique and hearty. It is all about making a healthy meal that packs in the flavor.)

Honestly, all four meals sound delicious and we think fans of Home Chef will love all of them. But we want to know what you think. And will you be giving these a try for yourself?

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