Top 30 flavors of Oreos ranked from worst to best

OREO Teams Up with Pokémon to Launch their Most Unique Collaboration Yet. Image courtesy OREO
OREO Teams Up with Pokémon to Launch their Most Unique Collaboration Yet. Image courtesy OREO /
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25. Carrot Cake

This was potentially one of the most anticipated flavors and sought after flavors in my brain. Given that I am a complete Carrot Cake fiend, meaning I love it oh so much, I was super excited to try these particular Oreos. They didn’t taste like Carrot Cake though…like at all. It kinda just tasted like I extracted all of the spices out of a Pumpkin Pie and slapped on just a smidge of some supposed-to-be Cream Cheese icing sort of filling. It wasn’t very good, but it was a cute Easter decoration at that!

24. Fudge Dipped Mint Thins

In terms of size alone, these are probably more similar to a Girl Scouts Thin Mint Cookie, as opposed to the regular Mint Oreos (more on those later); however, while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with these, if I am choosing to have a Mint Oreo, I’d rather the fatter, more filled cookies without the chocolate fudge dip; nothing wrong with it, just don’t prefer it.

23. Red Velvet

This to me was way too sweet. Again, a flavor that I was super excited to try given that I enjoy eating a super occasional slice of Red Velvet Cake (don’t love it, but I definitely like it). The Cream Cheese icing could’ve been more exact to the flavor of a classic Cream Cheese icing, although it wasn’t quite up there. The actual cookies themselves just tasted super artificial for my liking.

22. Mega Stuf

Again with the overwhelming amount of cream to Oreo cookie ratio. Personally, I actually enjoy eating the actual chocolate cookie part (btw, if you’re an icing scraper, get out). I’d rather have another extra stuffing version that will be mentioned later or just the classic Original at best!

21. Caramel Coconut

This one, in case you couldn’t tell just by the flavor name alone, was supposed to be like the Girl Scouts cookie that everyone knows and loves, Samoas. While I personally don’t think that I ever got my hands on some, I can only imagine that the caramel-flavored cream tasted artificial and the coconut flakes are just a weird texture to add to an Oreo cookie.